10 Best Blender For Green Smoothies in 2022

 Do you like to sip a glass of green veggies every morning? Then, a super-versatile blender can be the regular companion in your busy lifestyle. You can blend cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, and broccoli within a few seconds.

The best blender can convert both soft leafy greens and solid vegetables into a tasty drink. However, not every blender has the capability of accomplishing this task perfectly.

That is why we have chosen the chef-recommended best quality blenders for smoothie fanatics. Here, you can find the best blenders for green smoothies.

Best green smoothies blender

Our Top Pick


Vitamix Pro 750

Vitamix Pro 750 is a quality blender in terms of functionalities and aesthetics. The big jar, speed controls, programmable settings, strong motor, and other features have impressed many users.

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How to Pick the Best Green Smoothie Blender

Some blenders are multi-faceted appliances, while others are designed for singular tasks. Besides, the sharpness of blades, motor power, and several other factors make a difference in models. To ensure a smooth consistency in your homemade green smoothies, you have to invest in the right blender. Here are some of the criteria when choosing a green smoothie blender.

Check out the blender usage

It is the first step of your search for the smoothie blender. For instance, if you need to make smoothies for 50 people with strawberry, spinach, kale, etc., you must not choose a small blender.

A blender for regular smoothie must be different from that of occasional puree and milkshake lovers. Also, blenders for personal purposes differ from commercial models. The power output, noise level, and serving size capacity are relevant factors to consider while selecting a blender.

Motor power

The minimum recommended motor power for green smoothie is 1000 Watts. Without the right amount of power, your blender cannot pulverize and blend your ingredients. 

A higher Wattage may not always deliver a better result. The blender’s motor torque is one of the important factors that ensure reliability and high quality.

Blades sturdiness

It is essential to check the blade quality before buying a blender. Some blenders have removable blades that enable you to clean them easily. To keep your blades long-lasting, you must know these details.

There are three types of blades; dry, wet and hybrid blades. Dry blades are suitable for dry ingredients such as nuts, greens, fruits while wet blades are suitable for dicing ice, frozen fruits.  The hybrid blade configuration is recommended for  preparing green smoothies as it blends the ingredients maintaining the consistency.

You can simply put the ingredients into the container, and the blade will start its work. The dry blade has an angled design to let you push ingredients to the bottom of the pitcher to ensure better crushing results.

Speed controls and Preset Settings

Most of the high-performance, conventional blenders have 3-speed settings. There are high-end blenders with 10-speed settings and a range of preset programs for smoothies, juices, and other recipes. One of the most important factors to deal with raw vegetables is the speed variation of the blender. The choice of the right speed also makes your blender long-lasting.

Preset settings save your time, as you can find separate controls for smoothies, soups, purees, and frozen desserts.

Container Capacity and Material 

When you are checking your blender size, it is essential to know the container volume.. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a single serve unit or up to 90oz blender container. 

Top-rated blenders have stainless containers with a sleek and modern look. As metal is a good temperature conductor, these containers are a better choice. Conversely, although glass containers look aesthetic, they are prone to breakage. Some brands use BPA-free plastic containers with high durability and lightweight designs.

Best Blender For Green Smoothie Comparison

Here is a list of detailed comparisons of the top blenders used for making green smoothies.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickVitamix Pro 750 Vitamix Pro 750Motor power: 1380 Watts, 2HP
Programmable setting:
5 programmable settings, 10 speed level
64 Oz
Read Full Review
Budget PickOster Reverse Crush Oster Reverse Crush Motor power: 1000W motor
Programmable setting:
7 controls
48 Oz

Read Full Review
Powerful PickCleanblend 1800W Cleanblend 1800W Motor power: 1800W motor
Programmable setting:
Variable speed levels
64 Oz
Read Full Review
Blendtec Total Classic Blendtec Total ClassicMotor power: 1560W motor
Programmable setting: 6 preset programs, 10-speed options
Container: 75 Oz
Read Full Review
Ninja BL610 Professional Blender Ninja BL610Motor power: 1000W motor
Programmable setting: 3-speed options
Container: 72 Oz
Read Full Review
Vitamix 5200 Vitamix 5200Motor power: 2HP motor
Programmable setting: No preset programs
Container: 64 Oz
Read Full Review
Nutri Ninja BL770 Ninja BL770Motor power: 1500W motor
Programmable setting: No speed option
Container: 72 Oz
Read Full Review
NutriBullet Pro 900 NutriBullet Pro 900Motor power: 900W motor
Programmable setting: No preset option
Container: 32 Oz
Read Full Review
Vitamix E310 Blender Vitamix E310 BlenderMotor power: 1380W motor
Programmable setting: No preset option
Container: 48 Oz
Read Full Review
Koios 800W Koios 800WMotor power: 800W motor
Programmable setting: No preset option
Container: 800ml
Read Full Review

1. Vitamix Pro 750 (Top Pick)

Vitamix Pro 750

Vitamix Pro 750 on top of our best blenders for green smoothies list. The powerful, versatile, and smart blender has a durable construction. Professional Series 750 is one of Vitamix’s best-selling models to prepare smoothies, desserts, hot soups, and purees.

Container: The 17.5-inch Vitamix copolyester container has a capacity of holding 64 oz of liquid. The low-profile design ensures that you may fit it easily under the kitchen cabinet. There is no need to remove the base and the lid for storage. Besides, it comes with an ergonomics design soft-grip. 

Speed and preset programs: The 10-speed variable controls with the Pulse feature made it a smart model. You can choose the right speed level to produce the right type of textures. The blender also has 5 programmable settings that let you prepare your tasty recipes with one click on a button. As there is a self-cleaning mode, you do not need to soak and scrub the pitcher.

Blades: Vitamix 750 can blend your hard ingredients with their stainless-steel blades. These blades have a length of 4-inches, and they work at a speed of about 270mph.

Motor: The 2.2 peak horsepower motor of this blender helps in crushing, grinding, and pureeing your ingredients. Manufacturers have used quality materials to construct this motor. The motor also includes a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system to prevent burnouts.

+ Shatterproof and spill-proof container
+ Aircraft-grade blades
+ Blades working at a high speed
+ Consistent blending results
+ One-touch operation.
No digital screen.

To get more details on this blender, please visit our Vitamix 750 review now.

2. Oster Reverse Crush (Budget Pick)

Oster Reverse Crush

Oster is one of the reputable brands with quality appliances, and Reverse Crush is the affordable one of its product series. Within 30 seconds, you can prepare smoothies at a low speed. The highly refurbished model is available at a reasonable price.

Speed control and preset programs: The control panel with a backlit display has 3 main speed controls- High, Low, and Medium. The choice of the right speed settings can minimize the foam and air pockets. You will also find 2 Pulse settings (High and Low) and 2 other controls for frozen drink preparation and food chopping. Blades can rotate in two directions for full blending. The Food Chop program helps with this reversal process.

Motor Power and Base Unit: With a 600-Watt motor, the blender can crush both hard and soft vegetables, ice, nuts, and other ingredients. The appliance has a plastic housing and stainless-steel cover with rubber feet to ensure stability.

Blades: In the 6-pointed blade configuration, 2 are facing down, and 4 are facing up. The perfect configuration of blades has made this machine powerful for blending ingredients.

Containers: The Boroclass glass pitcher with a capacity of 48 Oz. does not crack easily even with hot ingredients. As there is no measuring mark on the jar, it comes with a measuring cup in the package.

+ Easy to use On/Off buttons
+ No vibration at the time of operation
+ Removable and replaceable blade assembly
+ Tight-fitting lid with no leakage
+ Dishwasher-safe pitcher and blade parts
Loud noise
Cannot process dry fruits.

3. Cleanblend 1800W (Powerful Pick)

Cleanblend 1800W

If you are looking for a commercial-grade blender for your restaurant, you can invest in the Cleanblend 1800W. The motor power is much similar to Vitamix 5200.

Motor: The 1800W high-end motor enables the blender to blend and grind almost all vegetables. Besides, the manufacturer has integrated an overload and overheating protection system into the blender. The machine will automatically stop when the motor is hot and only able to resume within one hour.

Speed: There are limited speed settings for this blender. For an ideal blend, It is recommended to start with a low setting and gradually move up to a high speed.

Blades: There are 6-prong serrated blades that are made from stainless steel. The system can pulverize greens such as spinach, kale, celery, and avocado together with hard ingredients without leaving any residues.

Container: The highly resilient Tritan polyester jar with a capacity of 64Oz resembles the look of a glass jar. The rubber lid of the container has 2 lids on its side to fit the jar securely. The cap is removable to allow the use of tamper.

+ Anti-slip rubber feet
+ Solid and sturdy motor
+ Temperature-resistant and shock-resistant container
+ Noise-dampening pad
+ High-quality in-built blade
+ Heavy-duty design
The blade assembly is not removable.

4. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec has created a patented design for its Total Classic Original blender. There are push-button controls, helping you to operate the interface without any effort. First-time users may also find it easy to deal with this blender. Therefore, we put it in our best blender for green smoothies list. 

Preset cycles and speed: Blendtec has integrated 6 pre-programmed cycles to ensure convenience to users. The one-touch controls enable you to achieve the same consistency every time on your blends. The blender also has manual 10-speed settings with a pulse feature that give you full control on your blends. 

Motor: : The 1560W motor can blend hard ingredients, like frozen fruits, vegetables and ice. Due to this high speed motor, the blender creates heat during the process which is suitable for preparing hot food such as soups and drinks. 

Container: The four-sided design can force your ingredients back into the blade. The overall volume of the jar is 75 oz, and its blending capacity is 32 Oz. Thus, you can prepare a beverage for 3 to 4 people at a time.

Blades: The blades are thicker and contain wings that help with the smooth blending of ingredients. Moreover, they are easy to clean due to the self-cleaning mode integrated with the system.

+ Best for large batches
+ BPA-free pitcher
+ Forged dull blade to prevent injury
+ Programmed cycles- One-touch blending
No tamper.

Visit our Blendtec Total Classic blender review guide now to learn more.

5. Ninja BL610

Ninja BL610

Ninja BL610 is the perfect choice for juice and smoothie lovers. The compact and sleek design with a dimension of 10.6 X 8.2 X 15.8 inches can fit your countertop. Thus, you do not need to think of the limited storage space in your kitchen.

Motor: The Ninja BL610 comes with a 1000W motor that can crush hard ingredients such as ice, nuts into tiny particles. 

Speed: It comes with three speed settings- Low, High, and Pulse. The highest speed setting is the right choice for smoothie enthusiasts, as it can easily blend fibrous ingredients. Although the lowest one is time-consuming, it is best for most of the recipes. You may also use the Pulse feature for blending your ingredients of smoothies and purees.

Containers: The overall capacity of the container is about 72 ounces. Thus, it is best for making large batches of foods. 

Blades: The highly resilient and powerful blades can cut through hard ingredients. You will find minimal residue and smooth taste due to these premium quality blades. Also, there is no need to remove fibers while putting ingredients into the container.

+ Super quiet motor
+ Robust construction
+ Container with a bigger capacity
+ Includes a Pulse feature
Slightly tall.

Check out our latest review on the Ninja Professional BL610 today.

6. Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 is one of the high quality, multi-purpose models with several user-friendly features. You can find this model in various colors

Container: The durable and heatproof container holds boiling liquid without risk of  damage. The 80 Oz container comes with a spout, enabling easy pouring of smoothie.

Controls: It comes with a 10 speed control with a separate High/Low lever switch. It enables high speed blending to ensure smooth texture and consistent blending. 

Blades: The blades perform flawlessly, no matter if you are using veggies or frozen fruits. As the blades are not removable, it comes with a  self-cleaning system that enables you to cleanse the blades by dropping some dish soap and hot water. 

Motor: The 2-peak HP motor can blend hard ingredients (like frozen fruits) into smooth and yummy blends. The blender also lets you blend hot ingredients and crushed ice. Most users have found the motor lasting several years.

+ The container has a non-drip design
+ Heating due to the blade friction
+ Two-part lid seals
+ Highly sharp blades
Not dishwasher-friendly.

To learn more, please visit our Vitamix 5200 blender review now.

7. Nutri Ninja BL770

Nutri Ninja BL770

Nutri Ninja has offered a combo package, as the machine can work as both a blender and food processor. You can choose the BL770 blender to prepare smoothies, sauces, soups, yogurts, vegan cheesecakes, and some other dishes. 

Container: The BL770 comes with  a 72oz pitcher container and 2 blending cups. The glass container with high durability lasts long. The smaller smoothie cups are also useful for your daily use. Indeed, it is amazing to have one base with a full-size blender and a modified food processor. Besides, the locking lid with every container is another advantageous aspect.

Blades: As blades are sharp, you must be careful while cleaning them. They are perfect for preparing almond butter and smoothie. The highly resilient, stainless steel blades take only a few minutes to process ingredients. Still, you will find better consistency in your smoothie due to these premium-quality blades. The multi-blade assembly can easily crush fresh and frozen fruits and ice.

Speed controls: There are 4 dedicated controls to manage your blending speeds. These 4 buttons are for dough, blend, crush, and smoothie. The Pulse and Power buttons are easily accessible from the control panel.

Motor: With the 1500W motor, the blender has a high power of blending, crushing, and grinding hard ingredients, like kale and carrot.

+ Thick, large, plastic containers with a flat base
+ Excellent performance of the motor
+ Clean and accurately fitted lids
+ A built-in emergency feature
+ Include a recipe book for your convenience
Only one-year warranty.

Visit our Ninja Mega Kitchen Food Processor review to learn more about this blender.

8. NutriBullet Pro 900

NutriBullet Pro 900 is reliable and one of the best blenders for green smoothies for  leafy vegetables. It is a compact, single-serving-focused blender to prepare drinks and smoothies for your personal needs.

Motor: The 900W  motor, much more powerful than the NutriBullet 600 series has an impressive slicing and crushing power. The system can turn out 30% more power compared to its predecessors that comes with a high-torque power base to trigger the Cyclonic Action.

Containers: The 32 Oz container that comes with this NutriBullet blender is highly durable..

Blades: The 15-piece set includes 2 extractor blades that need a proper setup when you prepare two different smoothies at a time. The strong blades can grind, pulverize, blend, and chop ingredients.

Speed: The blender works at one speed, and there is no way of adjusting it. You can rely on the pulsing method to prepare salsa and other dishes.

+ Travel-ready containers
+ Highly intuitive design
+ Takes less than 60 seconds to prepare smoothies
+ Easy to clean with water and soap
Overheating issues while operated for more than a minute.

To learn more, please visit our Nutribullet 900 pro review guide.

9. Vitamix E310 Blender

Vitamix E310 Blender

Vitamix E310 Blender is one of the entry-level models with simple features. Still, it is best for preparing smoothies and producing bar-quality ice. With this blender, you may pulverize almost anything. Dice your vegetables within 10 seconds using Vitamix E310 Blender.

Motor: With a strong base, the 1,380-Watt motor functions smoothly to prepare smoothies, hot soups, dips, spreads, and juices. The high-end motor has the blending strength to blend your frozen ingredients.

Speed: It comes with a 10 variable speed control system. However, it doesn’t come with any preset program. The Pulse feature works best for preparing thick soups and chunky salsas.

Container: The 48oz  pitcher is capable of preparing meals for a small family of 4. The premium quality plastic has made the pitcher highly durable.

Blades: It comes with a high-grade stainless steel blade that is designed to last for years. The blend friction will create heat that is suitable for creating hot food such as hot soups. 

+ The blade stack is removable
+ Include a self-cleaning mode
+ Designed with highly engineered technologies
+ Easy to Store
+ More than one-speed option
There is no additional jar.

To understand more about Vitamix E310, please visit our latest review guide.

10. KOIOS 800W Immersion Hand Blender

KOIOS 800W Immersion Hand Blender

KOIOS has designed a sleek and modern device that works as both a blender and food processor. The comprehensive package includes several items that serve a variety of purposes.

Design: The bell-shaped design with stainless steel casing is highly sturdy. You can find a handle that ensures a high level of ergonomics. 

Blades: The S-shaped blade has made this blender different from other brands. Due to this unique shape, the blade will reduce splatter. Besides, the 604 stainless steel blade is titanium-plated which can grind and blend vegetables at ease.

Jar: his high-capacity 800ml jar enables you to add several ingredients at a time. 

Motor: The 800W motor can blend your ingredients properly. With this motor power, the blender can chop dried fruits, cheese, herbs, onions, garlic, and other vegetables.

Additional accessories– The kit comprises a beaker, milk frother, stainless steel egg whisk, stick stainless steel egg whisk, and chopper bowl. You can prepare smoothies, baby food, soup, meringue, mayonnaise, salsa, and crepe batters with the blender and these accessories.

+ Container with measurement markings
+ Stick blender for a spreadable consistency
+ Chop hard ingredients
+ Low noise
No dishwasher-safe motor.

Benefits of Having Green Smoothies

Having a nutritious breakfast is always a healthy way to start a day. What should we include in our breakfast to get nutritious value? By adding some greens in your breakfast smoothie,  it can improve your overall health. We have listed some positive effects of drinking green smoothies regularly.

Reduce your body weight – By adding fruits and vegetables to your drink, the enzyme and fibre helps with body fat dissolution.

Control your cravings – With lovely flavors and nutrients, green smoothies can subdue your food craving. You can easily avoid eating unhealthy junk foods.

Simplifies the digestion process – Leafy and fibrous vegetables added to the smoothie promote the natural digestion process.

Strengthen your immunity – Immunity is your body’s ability to fight against diseases and pathogens. Choosing vegetables with beta-carotene will improve your immune system.

Make skin shinier – Pumpkin and mangoes contain carotenoids that will help your skin glow.

Solve hydration problem – Water is one of the essentials of our body. Drinking smoothies increases water intake; therefore it keeps you hydrated. 

Rejuvenate yourself – Leafy veggies containing chlorophyll revitalize your body and make you energetic.

Types of Blender To Prepare Green Smoothies

We have listed the most types of blenders available in the market. Not all of them may be suitable for making green smoothies.

Conventional Blenders

Conventional blenders are the most commonly chosen models for the green smoothie blender. Motors of these blenders are available in low-powered and medium-powered versions. It is easy to prepare green smoothies with these blenders.

High-Performance Blenders

They are high-end blenders with a slightly higher price tag. You can find these blenders with incredible quality and performance. We think that these blenders are the best for commercial use in restaurants.

Personal Blenders

Although personal blenders have compact designs, they may not work perfectly to maintain the consistency of your smoothies. If you have chosen hard ingredients for green smoothies, the low-power motors will not be effective. Thus, personal blenders are the right choice for preparing sauces and protein shakes.

Immersion blenders

It is a simple handheld blender that is suitable to whip cream and eggs. However, this type of blender is not the best blender for fiber-rich green smoothies.

Best blender for green smoothies can also be used to prepare frozen drinks, dips, and dough.

FAQ on Best Blender for Green Smoothies

Are green smoothies really good for you?

Green smoothies can be the best source of B vitamins, including niacin and folate. As you include green and leafy vegetables and fruits in your smoothies, you eat plant-based diets. Vegetables can minimize the risk of nerve problems, chronic diseases, and other health disorders. Also, you can control your weight by having green smoothies but it is not recommended to your meal with green smoothies.

What greens to put in a smoothie?

To make your smoothie a superfood, you can choose kale, spinach, cauliflower, carrot, and celery. Include some fruits with frozen kale to balance the flavour as kale might have a semi-bitter flavor.

Is it OK to drink green smoothies every day?

You can consume green smoothies every day, but you must not take them more than once. The early morning is the best time to have your smoothie. Moreover, the amount of smoothies must not be over 32 Oz. By drinking green smoothies regularly, you will add the vitamin to your body.

Does blending greens destroy nutrients?

There is a myth that heat from the blending process can destroy the vitamins and nutrients of smoothies. Blending does not destroy nutrients. Rather, it makes those nutrients easily absorbable to our body. When you eat vegetables, our digestion system makes an effort to break them down. It may not be easy for us to digest cauliflower, kale, and similar other veggies. As we drink green smoothies with blended vegetables, we can simplify the digestion process.

Which is better for smoothies – kale or spinach?

These are the most commonly chosen leafy vegetables. Both of them are full of nutrients and vitamin A. When you need more Vitamin C, kale might be your preferred choice. Spinach has loads of magnesium, iron, folate, zinc, potassium, and other vitamins.

Should you drink green juice on an empty stomach?

You can start your day with a glass of fresh, green smoothies. Nutritionists and other professionals recommend to take it with your empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, your body will absorb nutrients within a short time.


Now, you can decide on choosing one the best blender for green smoothies and get the ultimate value from your investment. A quality blender will last long and help you in preparing different types of meals. Our review will aid you to identify the right blender for your needs.

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