9 Best Blender For Protein Shakes in 2022

Protein shakes can help you achieve your fitness goal –  whether you want to gain muscles or lose some weight. In order to create amazing and tasty protein shakes, you are required to have a blender that helps to mix your protein powder and fruits thoroughly.

This article reviews the best blender for protein shakes to fast track your journey to being fit and healthy.

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

Our Top Pick


Nutri Ninja Pro

Thanks to its 900-watt motor and sharp blades it quickly breaks down soft and hard produce. It has two container options– 24 oz and 18 oz cups that are both lightweight and portable. The blender is easy to store and produces great blending consistency without leaving any large chunks or residue.

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How To Pick a Protein Shake Blender?

Choosing the best blenders for protein shakes can be quite tricky since hundreds of them are on the market. Most models also come with unique selling points that make the deal more lucrative. Below are some factors you should consider when choosing the finest protein shake blenders.

Cup Size

The amount of liquid you usually prepare is the first factor you should consider for making protein shakes. Some like to prepare two cups for the whole day, while others may need more than that. Hence, choose blenders with a cup size that fits your needs. Remember that 8 oz is roughly about a glass; thus, if you need three servings of protein shakes, go for a 24 oz portable cup or larger.

Motor Power

Often, you need to process hard components, like nuts and ice, if you want to make the perfect protein shake. For that reason, you need a countertop blender with a motor that has a 500-watt rating or more like those of Blendtec. This feature will allow blenders to process your protein shake much faster and with more accurate blending consistency.

If you want a portable blender for making protein shakes, then pick one with at least a 200-watt rating. Overall, motor power is a useful starting reference on what ingredients your blender can process and what it could not.  

Ease of Drinking

Consequently, pay attention to the design of the single-serve cup, particularly to its spout. The blender should be easy to open and close, plus give you an easier way to enjoy your drink. The bottle’s shape should have a comfortable grip and a non-slip handle so it won’t easily fall off your hands.  The best blenders for protein shakes also should have clear measurement markings so you can drink specific amounts at different times of the day.    

Sharp and Durable Blades

Pay close attention to the quality and sharpness of the blender’s blades. If you often blend hard produce, then chances are the cutlery could undergo wear and tear much faster if they are not that durable. Moreover, the blades’ design can also tell you how fast it can process food and the blending consistency of protein shakes. Among the standard edge, designs are pronged and stacked edges.

Additional Attachments

If you want more bang for your buck, look for blenders with additional attachments. Some manufacturers often offer them without any extra charge to entice more buyers. Some of the useful attachments for a protein shake blender include reusable metallic straws and extra single-serve blending cups.

Best Blender For Protein Shakes Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickNutri Ninja Pro Nutri Ninja ProMotor Power: 900 watts
24 oz, 18 oz Nutri cups
Speed Settings:
One-speed manual
Read Full Review
Budget PickHamilton Beach Hamilton Beach 51131Motor Power: 175 watts
Container: 14 oz travel cup
Speed Settings: One-speed manual
Read Full Review
Countertop PickVitamix 5200 Vitamix 5200 Motor Power: 1,400 watts
Container: 64 oz pitcher
Speed Settings: 10 variable speeds
Read Full Review
Trusted PickNutriBullet Pro NutriBullet ProMotor Power: 900 watts
Container: 32 oz large cup, 24 oz tall cups
Speed Settings: One-speed manual
Read Full Review
Multipurpose PickNinja Foodi SS351 Ninja Foodi SS351Motor Power: 1,400 watts
Container: 72 oz pitcher, 24 oz single-serve cup, 14 oz mixing bowl
Speed Settings: six Auto-IQ, 11 manual programs
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Vitamix E310 Explorian Vitamix E310 ExplorianMotor Power: 1,400 watts
Container: 48 oz pitcher
Speed Settings: 10 variable speed
Read Full Review
Homgeek Personal Homgeek PersonalMotor Power: 1,400 watts
Container: 48 oz pitcher
Speed Settings: 10 variable speed
Read Full Review
Oster BLSTPB-WBL Oster BLSTPB-WBL Motor Power: 400 watts
Container: 20 oz travel sport bottle
Speed Settings: One-speed manual
Read Full Review
Ninja Professional BL660 Ninja Professional BL660Motor Power: 1,100 watts
Container: 72 oz pitcher, two 16 oz single-serve cups
Speed Settings: Three speeds
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1. Nutri Ninja Pro (Top Pick)

Nutri Ninja Pro

The Nutri Ninja Pro is a compact blender that can prepare all kinds of healthy drinks from smoothies to protein shakes. Its 900-watt motor, coupled with its sharp nutrition extraction blades, can easily break down fruits and vegetables.

According to its manufacturer, its extractor blade can cycle up to 21,000 RPMs allowing it to crush ice into powder snow in seconds. You can also use the two-second pulse technique if you want to chop vegetables.

Meanwhile, its control panel features a pulse button that you can use for manual blending. The blender has two container options: a 24 oz and an 18 oz Nutri Ninja cup. Both single-serving cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe. One of the best blenders for protein shakes also comes with a free cookbook with 75 recipes in it.

This protein shake maker has an ergonomic design with a modern flair thanks to its silver and black finish. It weighs only 4.8 pounds and is one of the most portable models on this list. The blender is also easy to store and can fit any kitchen cabinet, and takes less space on your countertop.

The blender can process a wide variety of food from leafy greens, frozen berries, and even coffee beans through a one-touch blending process. It can also incorporate ground flaxseed and even whey protein into your drink without leaving any residue.

+ Produces silky-smooth blends
+ BPA free plastic parts
+ Straightforward operating system
+ Dishwasher safe and simple to clean
+ Easy to use drinking spout
Limited one year warranty period
Cups leak when not locked properly
Shake maker does not come with a pitcher.

2. Hamilton Beach 51131 (Budget Pick)

Hamilton Beach 51131

The finest blender for protein shakes doesn’t have to empty your wallets. Hamilton Beach 51131 is an inexpensive portable blender that you can carry on your travels. It has an efficient 175-watt motor that can process a wide variety of ingredients. Fitness enthusiasts will surely love this model for its ergonomic and easy to carry design.

This blender has a 14 oz BPA-free travel cup with a convenient drinking spout and spill-free lid. The bottle has clear max line and measurement markings, which tells you the amount of food inside. At the bottom is an indicator that tells you whether the container is locked in place or not.

Its control panel features a power button that doubles as a one-speed program button. Despite not having any other preset programs, you can use it if you want to make an excellent margarita, marinades, and salad dressings. Meanwhile, the motor base offers great stability thanks to its rubber fit that grips into most surfaces.

The blender also has sharp blades that help it process food at a quicker pace. Consequently, the blades, its jar, and the lid are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It’s available in five different colors: black, blue, red, white, and raspberry. This blender has a one-year limited warranty, unlike other more expensive blenders.

+ Affordable blender
+ Light and very portable
+ Available in different colors
+ Visible measurement markings
+ The convenient lid and spill-free spout
Shake maker has an underpowered motor
Short power cord
Limited one year warranty.

3. Vitamix 5200 (Countertop Pick)

Vitamix 5200

The best portable blender is something that is lightweight and easy to carry. However, they have limited volume as compared to countertop blenders. If you need to prepare protein shakes and other health drinks in massive amounts, the Vitamix 5200 is the obvious choice. Its 64 oz BPA-free jug can make up to seven glasses of beverage in a single batch.

The Vitamix 5200 blender has a 1,400-watt motor, which allows its blades to reach high speeds and even heat soups in just six minutes. Meanwhile, the stainless steel blades are aircraft-grade and can handle even the toughest ingredients while providing incredible blending consistency.

Its control panel features a 10-speed dial that will help you get better blending accuracy. The concrete base also features a radial cooling fan near the motor to prevent it from overheating even after prolonged use.

Its blades, lid, and pitcher are also dishwasher safe and simple to clean. The manufacturer also included a tamper, which you can use to push the ingredients down towards the blades without removing the lid. This model also comes with a DVD guide and has a six-feet power cord. Unlike other cheap blenders, this protein shake maker has an extended seven-year warranty period.

+ Large 64 oz plastic container
+ Powerful motor with heating capability
+ Has 10-variable speed settings
+ Radial cooling fan prevents overheating
+ Long seven-year warranty
Bulkier than most protein shake makers
Shake maker has a loud motor
More expensive than personal blenders.

To learn more, visit our detailed review here.

4. NutriBullet Pro (Trusted Pick)

NutriBullet Pro

The NutriBullet Pro is one of the most recognizable and trusted products in this category. It has everything you want, from your portable blender, from its 900-watt motor to its versatile jug. The blender’s sharp blades can spin up to 25,000 RPM and break down both soft and hard ingredients in a breeze.

You also get two containers when you purchase this product– a 32 oz large cup and a 24 oz tall cup. Both plastic cups are BPA-free and come with a flip-top lid, which seals quite tightly. Consequently, the Nutribullet shaker bottle comes with a lip ring that can turn the container into a mug if you want to pour hot liquid into it.

The Nutribullet blender also has a safety breaker that will automatically shut down the unit when it overheats. To operate this Nutribullet unit, you simply have to push down the cups after putting all the ingredients inside. 

The NutriBullet Pro is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. However, it’s a bit complicated to assemble or disassemble because it has several components. This Nutribullet model comes with a one year warranty, unlike other blenders.

+ Pulverizes ingredients in seconds
+ Numerous attachments for versatility
+ Easy to clean and store
+ Can perform multiple blending tasks
+ Able to handle frozen drinks
Powerful blender has a short power cord
The motor is quite loud
Prone to leaking.

5. Ninja Foodi SS351 (Multifunctional Pick)

Ninja Foodi SS351

Those who have the extra money in their pockets can invest in this complete blender system. The Ninja Foodi SS351 is a 4-in-1 blender with food processor capabilities, which opens up more possibilities for your kitchen. If you want to prepare more than just protein shakes but other healthy recipes, then this is a must-have blender.

The core of this best protein shake blender features a 1,400-watts smart TORQUE motor that can easily make smoothie bowls and even mix the dough. It’s built for heavy loads and hard ingredients that a personal blender might have trouble dealing with. The blender’s sharp blades can quickly plow through frozen foods, nut butter, and even coffee beans.

This blender features three containers: a 72 oz full-size pitcher, a 24 oz single-serving cup with a spout lid, and a 14 oz mixing bowl with a lid. All vessels are dishwasher safe and made from plastic materials that don’t contain BPA.

Its control panel features six preset Auto-IQ programs for chopping, making dough, preparing spreads, salad bowls, smoothies, and even extracting juice. It also has 11 manual programs if you want to take control of the blending accuracy. You can also switch between manual and IQ options if you wish the blending consistency matches your preference.

+ Versatile functions from different vessels
+ Includes a nifty mixing bowl
+ Auto IQ programs remove the guesswork
+ Powerful blender that can mix the dough
+ Sharp cutlery quickly deal with frozen ingredients
More expensive than its rivals
Limited one year warranty period
Loud motor.

6. Vitamix E310 Explorian

Vitamix E310 Explorian

For those who want a professional blender to process more complex protein shakes, the Vitamix E310 Explorian is an excellent choice. This blender motor has a whopping 1,400 watts of power that can easily give you the best blending consistency from smoothie to soup.

Its base features 10 variable speed controls and a pulse function for accurate blending of any vegetables or fruits. The hardened stainless steel blades, coupled with a metal drive system, ensure that you get the shortest blending time without sacrificing the mixture’s quality.

Meanwhile, its 48 oz BPA-free container is excellent for preparing food for a small family. The pitcher also has clear max line and measurement markings to guide you on the amount of food inside it. The base is quite solid and reduces much of the vibration.

The Explorian blender also features a thermal protection system through its radial cooling fan that prevents overheating. The unit also has a self-cleaning function wherein you only need warm water and liquid soap to clean it. After putting in the cleaning material, simply push the pulse button for 30-60 seconds before rinsing.

+ Brawny motor and sharp edges
+ Multiple speed control for accurate blending
+ Long 4 feet power cord
+ Self-cleaning feature
+ Five year warranty period
More expensive than a personal blender
Does not have a portable cups
Bulky and not easy to store.

7. Homgeek Personal

Homgeek Personal

For gym rats or adventurers who want to keep the personal blenders simple, the Homgeek Personal is the best protein shake machine. It has a 300-watts motor that allows its sharp stainless cutlery to spin up to 23,000 RPM. This blender can break down hard food items and turn them into protein shakes, smoothies, and sauces.

Furthermore, this model comes with two 20 oz travel sport bottles that are BPA free and easy to use. Both containers have latched on handles that can easily attach to your backpack and are perfect for hiking trips. The blender bottle also has a spill-proof drinking lid and a nifty comfortable grip that allows one-hand operation. 

The metallic silver base houses its power button, which also acts as its one-speed pulse program. The base is also relatively stable thanks to its rubber feet that easily attach to any surface.

This blender also has a safety feature wherein the blender will not turn on unless the plastic cup is fitted correctly into the base. It can easily prepare protein shakes and any other green drinks to help you lose weight or be fit.

+ No frills and compact design
+ Has two sporty plastic bottles
+ Simple to operate blender
+ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
+ Spill-proof drinking lid
Fruits need to be cut into smaller pieces
It only has a one-speed setting
A short operating time before overheating.



If you are looking for the best personal blender that is trendy, then the Oster BLSTPB-WBL might interest you. With a 400 watt motor, this Oster My Blend product can crush ice cubes and break down even harder fruits and vegetables into smoothie texture.

Its 20 oz travel sport bottle has noticeable bright colors such as blue, red, orange, pink, and light blue. The bottle is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. The vessel also has an easy to use and drink spout and a built-in handle, so you take it anywhere with ease.

Additionally, the protein shakes blender also has a resettable fuse as a safety feature. It will automatically revive an overheated motor after 15 minutes since it stopped. The blender has a 16-inches cord and a one-touch blending action. Push down the bottle while attached to the base, and it will begin the blending cycle. Letting it go will stop the operation.

It’s easy to operate and can create great tasting smoothies. The four-point stainless steel cutlery is quite sharp, plus it easily attaches and detaches from the bottle. Furthermore, it’s lightweight at just only a pound, which means you can take it even on your travels. Unlike other blenders, the Oster My Blend protein shakes blender has a one-year limited warranty.

+ Portable and lightweight blender
+ Easy to drink sporty shake bottle
+ Overheating safety feature
+ Decently powered motor
+ BPA-free plastic travel cup
Subpar blending consistency
Hard to clean protein shake blender
Minimal warranty.

Check out our detailed review of Oster My Blend now.

9. Ninja Professional BL660

The Ninja BL660 Professional blender is an affordable and versatile kitchen aid. It has a 1,100-watt motor that allows its sharp blades to spin up to 24,000 RPM. Add to this output; the blender also features Total Crushing technology, which can quickly turn solid ice into powdery snow.

This blender has a 72 oz BPA-free pitcher which can serve up to two liters of cold drinks and other beverages. Moreover, it also comes with two 16-oz single-serving cups, which you can carry almost anywhere, thanks to their incredible portability. The primary pitcher’s lid seals tightly and almost spill-free.

Its control panel features three-speed buttons, a single-serving option, pulse, and power button. According to its manufacturer, you can use the first speed option to process soft foods like leafy vegetables. Its second speed button is for sauces, while the third is for pureeing hard food and crushing ice.

This Ninja blender is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The blender is also easy to disassemble the pitcher’s edges if you want to clean them more thoroughly. However, Cleaning the lid may be difficult, as food debris could easily get trapped in its locking hasps. This model has a limited one year warranty, unlike other blenders.

+ Low price for a mid-range blender
+ Two single-serve cups included
+ Spill-free because of the tight lid
+ Very light and portable blender
+ Powerful protein shake blender
Limited warranty period
Sharp cutlery may cause injury
Can’t handle hot liquids.

What Makes Some Blenders Good for Protein Shakes

The best blenders for protein shakes don’t need any technical features like a powerful motor or variable speed control. However, the most important thing about this type of blender is to have a portable BPA-free travel cup.

The cup must have an easy access spout and a grippy handle so you can quickly drink from it even when using one hand. Additionally, the container should have a tightly sealed lid to prevent leaks.

Single-serve blending cups are great since you can easily incorporate additional components, like a banana or extra water. You also won’t have to transfer the contents into another container, much like countertop blenders. 

A woman using one of the best blender for protein shakes to blend fruits

FAQ on Best Protein Shake Blenders

How can I keep a shaker cup from smelling?

One of the best ways to keep your protein shakes cup from smelling is to clean it immediately once you have consumed its contents. You can also use a teaspoon of vinegar or baking powder mixed with hot water. Leave the protein shakes cup for about an hour for the mixture to absorb the odor before washing it manually.

Do you need a blender for protein shakes?

If you plan to consume pre-packed powdered protein shakes, then you might not need a blender. However, if you want to prepare your protein shakes from fresh and organic produce, then having a blender is necessary. Blenders are one of the few kitchen tools which can help you make the perfect protein shakes and smoothies.

Does blending protein powder destroy it?

No, it does not. Protein powder is already in tiny pieces that blending will hardly do anything to it. However, blending does mix it with other ingredients you put on the blender. Additionally, adding organic fruits and vegetables can also improve the taste and nutritional value of your protein shakes.

How do you blend protein powder without a blender?

The straightforward answer is merely mixing it in a glass with hot milk or water. Simply add a tiny bit of liquid with the protein powder and mix it until it’s a thick goo. Try adding more water or milk until the mixture has a liquid consistency and is ready to drink. You can also put all the ingredients in a shaker or mixer before shaking it until it’s suitable for drinking.


The best blender for protein shakes can help you prepare healthy and nutritious drinks to aid you in your fitness goals. Moreover, they can also prepare other nutritious smoothie recipes that will surely improve your wellbeing.

Overall, the best blender for protein shakes is a good investment, whether you are pursuing losing weight or gaining more muscles. It’s also the perfect partner for people who simply want to eat healthy meals.

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