12 Best Blender for Vegans in 2022

Are you looking for the best blender that helps you to lead a vegan lifestyle? Vegans consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies every day. It would be boring for them if they do not try out different recipes in their daily routine. That is why vegans love to get the yummy taste of veggie juice, fruit sap, and smoothies. Without the right blender, they cannot grind and blend those raw ingredients properly.

There is no need to blend your veggies manually for the vegan diet. Save your time and energy every day, as we have found the best blender for vegans. Buy the quality blender, and make your almond milk and nut butter by clicking a button.

From our market research, we have found the most reliable blenders for vegans.

Best Vegan Blender

Our Top Pick


Vitamix A3500

Vitamix A3500 is the best blender for vegans, as it has a high-end motor, durable blades, and easy-to-use controls. The built-in timer ensures perfection in your dishes. This top-rated blender is highly recommendable for vegans.

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Why You Should Use A Blender for a Plant-Based Diet?

As you have thought of cutting out dairy products from your diet, you need to think of installing modern appliances in your kitchen countertop. Blenders are one of the essentials to vegans’ kitchens. Surely, these electronic systems are useful for anyone who leads a hectic lifestyle.

Still, they hold a special value to vegans who need to blend and grind raw ingredients regularly. From morning smoothies to yummy desserts for dinner, everything is easy to prepare with a quality blender. Your meals taste best, as the blender ensures proper consistency.

By using a premium blender, you can prepare homemade vegan cheeses, nut butter, cashew cream, plant-based milk, palm oil-free butter, and several other dishes. Although you prefer a vegan diet, you never like to compromise your everyday intake of nutrients.

To get the optimal value from plant-based foods, you can invest in these blenders. The best vegans’ blender lasts more than 5 years with proper usage and maintenance. It plays the most important role in retaining the delicious taste of your vegan recipes. Your homemade dishes will have a restaurant-standard taste by using a reliable blender.

Best Blenders for Vegans Comparison

A comparative view of blenders for vegans will help you choose the right one. Analyze the important features before making a purchase.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickVitamix A3500 Ascent Series Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Motor power: 2.2-peak-horsepower
Programmable setting:
5 present programs and variable speed
Read Full Review
Best BudgetHamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Motor power: 700W
Programmable setting:
5 pre-programmed buttons
40 Oz
Read Full Review
Huge ContainerBlendtec Designer Series Blender Blendtec Designer Series BlenderMotor power: 1560W
Programmable setting:
6 Pre-programmed settings, 8 speed levels
90 Oz
Read Full Review
Vitamix 5200 Blender Vitamix 5200 BlenderMotor power: 2-peak HP
Programmable setting: No preset program, Variable speed levels
Container: 64 OZ
Read Full Review
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender Ninja Professional Countertop BlenderMotor power: 1100W
Programmable setting: No preset program, 3 speed levels
Container: 72 Oz
Read Full Review
Oster Pro 1200 Blender Oster Pro 1200 BlenderMotor power: 1200W
Programmable setting: 3 pre-programmed settings, 7 speed levels
Container: 8 cups
Read Full Review
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender Ninja Professional Countertop BlenderMotor power: 1000W
Programmable setting: No preset program, 3 speed levels
Container: 72 Oz
Read Full Review
NutriBullet Pro NutriBullet ProMotor power: 900W
Programmable setting: No preset programs
Container: 32 Oz
Read Full Review
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Blendtec Total ClassicMotor power: 1560 W
Programmable setting: 10-speed settings, 6 pre-programmed cycles
Container: 75 oz.
Read Full Review
Cleanblend Commercial Blender Cleanblend CommercialMotor power: 1800W
Programmable setting: No preset programs, variable speed levels
Container: 64 Oz
Read Full Review
Oster Versa Blender Oster Versa BlenderMotor power: 1400W
Programmable setting: 3 programmed settings
Container: 64Oz
Read Full Review
KitchenAid KSB1570OB KitchenAid KSB1570OBMotor power: 120 Volts
Programmable setting: 5 speed levels
Container: 56 Oz.
Read Full Review

1. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series (Top Pick)

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series

Vitamix A3500 is the best pick on our list, and it comes with the essential features to blend your fruits and veggies properly. Simple setup, digital interface, reliable performance have made this blender unique.

Programmable settings: The innovatively designed vegans’ blender has 5 programmable settings. By touching the panel, you can prepare frozen desserts, hot soups, smoothies, and dips and spreads. Moreover, this setting also includes an option for self-cleaning the system. Put the ingredients into the blender and press a button. Your dish is then ready to serve.

Containers: With the low-profile container, the height of the appliance is around 17 inches. While storing the appliance, you do not need to remove the jar, as it is a space-saving model. The custom tamper also fits easily through the hole of the lid.

Wireless connectivity: Vitamix has added a special technology for which the motor base can interpret the container size. It also helps with the automatic adjustment of program settings and blending times.

Motor: The high-end motor performs best to blend heavy powder, frozen fruits, and other green veggies. Hard ingredients will not affect the motor performance.

Blades: Stainless-steel, laser-cut blades can ensure quality results. The friction of blades produces heat to turn cold ingredients hot.

Speed: This blender provides you with variable speed controls. Based on your needs, you may adjust the speed and control it with the Pulse feature.

+ Includes self-detect technology to adjust containers
+ Option for adding any compatible container sizes
+ Built-in timer to avoid under-processing and over-processing
+ Self-cleaning program
+ Dishwasher-safe parts
Measurements are not clearly visible.

Check out our detailed review of the Vitamix Ascent A3500 blender.

2. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (Best Budget)

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

If you are looking for the best green smoothie blender for your everyday needs, this appliance is the right choice for you. Use this blender to prepare sauces, protein shakes, and other yummy recipes. What’s more, high affordability is one of the major reasons for choosing this blender.

Motor quality: Hamilton Beach has integrated a 700W motor with its blender to let it manage different blending tasks. As a standard family blender, it is an awesome choice. Although it may not cut ice blocks into equal parts, it can serve the needs of vegans.

Container: The 40 Oz jar has a special design, as it has a spout to help you in pouring out the content without creating a mess. The plastic lid also has a vent opening to enable you to blend hot foods safely.

Speed and program settings: Hamilton Beach has claimed that the 5 buttons of the blender help with 12 blending functions. With these buttons, you can grind, grate, chop, dice, and blend. Moreover, you may also prepare milkshake, purees, salsa, smoothie, and ice drink. Besides, you will find a button to clean the jar automatically. The Pulse button will help you in controlling the speed of the system.

Blades: The stainless steel, sharp blades ensure the drinkable consistency of your beverage and other dishes. Wave Action Technology is an added feature that helps in pulling down the ingredients to provide you with the best result.

+ A multi-purpose blender with several blending functionalities
+ Includes a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe jar
+ No-mess jar with a hinged cap
+ The package includes a recipe book
+ “Insert your Pros here”
The glass container is very heavy.

3. Blendtec Designer Series Blender (Huge Container)

Blendtec Designer Series Blender

Blendtec Designer blender has grabbed our attention for its large jar. The overall design is, however, slim and sleek to serve your personal purpose. You can grind, blend, and prepare juice with this blender. With a width of 7 inches and a height of 15 inches, this model is not much bulky.

Container: The shatterproof jar has a capacity of holding 90 Oz. fluid, and it includes an easy-to-grip handle. You can remove the lid and put your ingredients into the jar. Instead of the spout, the jar has corners to ease out the pouring task. The volume measurements on the jar are easily readable to every user.

Motor: The 1,560W motor has the potential to pulverize any ingredient, including a hard block of cheese. Surely, it would work best for a vegan lifestyle.

Blade: The forged stainless steel blade is 80% thicker than other standard blades. Although these blades are stronger, they are not sharp to ensure no cuts and injuries during its operation.

Speed and pre-programmed settings: You can adjust speed up to 8 levels depending on the ingredients and your recipe. There are 7 blending options displayed on the LED screen.

+ Innovative design with new look and feel
+ Best for making margaritas, pureed soups, and smoothies
+ User-friendly controls
+ Easy to place the jar on the base
+ No need to assembling blades
+ Internal baffling minimize the noise
No tamper included
The blade is not removable.

4. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 is a quality blender with beginner-friendly features. Although its price is slightly higher, it is cheaper than other high-end models in the market. Vitamix 5200 is the perfect choice to blend drinks and make smoothies. With a cord of 6 ft., you can easily access the plug from the countertop.

Motor: The powerful 2 horsepower motor is one of the important features of this blender. The metal motor parts are highly durable. Furthermore, it has a ball bearing design to reduce friction and ensure a lasting value. The motor will have no overheating issue, as the system shuts off automatically.

Blades and speed: The laser-cut blades perform their function at 37,000 RPM. The dry blade is best for kneading dough, milling flour, and grinding coffee beans. Similarly, the wet blade is right for soup and frozen desserts. Besides, you may adjust their speed by rotating the dial during the blending process. There are 10 variable speed levels, and based on your blending needs, you can choose the right level. To break the ice and liquidize smoothies, you may go for the highest setting.

Container: The high-profile container of this blender has a capacity of holding 64 oz of liquid. We think that it is the standard size to prepare smaller batches of food. As the best blender for vegans, it has an impact-resistant copolyester jar safe for your foods and drinks.

+ No bending problem of the motor
+ Easy to use- Simple controls
+ Self-cleaning capacity
+ Help with pulsing jobs despite having no Pulse mode
+ Highly durable design
+ Designed for large to medium batches
No attachment for squeezing juice.

5. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender 1100-Watt Base

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender 1100-Watt Base

Ninja Professional Blender is one of the low-profile models that can fit easily under your cabinets. With crushing, blending, and cutting capabilities, this blender will worth your money.

Motor capacity: 1100W motor has made it a professional-grade blender that ensures superb performance. The metal base has an aluminum design with durable rubbery plastic mounting. What’s more, the Total Crushing Technology of this blender has taken the performance to a higher level.

Programs and speed settings: With a pulse button, the system includes 3 speed levels that enable you to operate the container. The pulse button deals with the single-serve assembly. You can crush ice and other hard ingredients with this blender. The lowest speed is best for processing and blending. Similarly, the Speed 2 level is right for milkshakes and crushing ice. The highest speed level is effective in preparing smoothies and crushing fruits and veggies.

Containers: With 2 polycarbonate single-serve cups (16Oz), you will have a big container of 72 Ounces. Remove the lid of the container and pour the drink after every blending session. The flip spout of the lid makes your pouring activity easier and prevents mess.

Blades: There is a 6-blade assembly, and these sharp steel blades can crush your ice within a few seconds. You can remove these blades for cleaning purposes.

+ High quality motor and blades
+ The price range is affordable
+ A versatile blender to prepare refreshing juices and smoothies
+ Includes a useful manual
+ Dishwasher-safe parts make your cleaning easy
No spill-proof lids.

6. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Durable construction, reasonable price, and multi-purpose design have made this blender the right choice for several users. Moreover, the intuitive metal blades and pre-programmed settings save time.

Speed and programmed settings: The Oster blender also works as a food processor, and it presents you with 3 pre-programmed settings. You can prepare your delicious milkshake, chop ingredients, and crush any element for green smoothies. The speed level ranges from high to low. To stop the function of the speed mode, you have to click on the Stop button. Conversely, there is a Pulse mode, which will continue working when you have pressed down the button.

Blades: The 6-point blades measuring 3.5 inches are much sharp. The long-lasting corrosion-resistant blades cut through your fruits, veggies, and nuts, and blend them properly. The reverse and forward motion prevents blockage to these blades. The 5-cup food processor has shredding blades to make salsa and other dishes.

Control panel: Oster Pro 1200 has 9 buttons in its control panel and they remain arranged in 4 rows. You will not feel confusing while dealing with these buttons, as there are clear labels.

Containers: The 8-cup container made of Tritan plastic has a dishwasher-friendly design. This glass jar has no risk of crack while the ice cubes hit hard against its sides.

+ High quality motor and blades
+ The price range is affordable
+ A versatile blender to prepare refreshing juices and smoothies
+ Includes a useful manual
+ Dishwasher-safe parts make your cleaning easy.
No spill-proof lids.

7. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Ninja BL610 is another reliable model with a compact and attractive design. The standard height enables you to place this blender on your kitchen countertop. In addition, you will find easily readable buttons and an integrated cord keeper that protects your cord.

Speed: The control panel presents you with 3 speed levels. You can prepare thin batters, gravies, and marinades with the low speed. The medium one is best for grating cheeses, grinding nuts, and blending sauces. The highest speed is perfect for liquefying fruits and vegetables.

Blades: The blender comes with a triple stacked blade configuration that includes 6 blades in total. These blades have the potential to grind, grate, and blend your ingredients.

Container: The 72-oz pitcher with a lid can hold a drink for more than 8 people. It can vary with your serving size. The pour spout and a locking lid will prevent mess during every blending session. The jar has markings in cup sizes, ounces, and millimeters.

+ Sleek and attractive look
+ Jar with a handle
+ Includes a Pulse feature
+ High-end motor
+ Dishwasher-safe parts
Blades consume much space in the jar.

8. NutriBullet Pro 900 Watt

NutriBullet Pro 900 Watt

NutriBullet Pro is a stylish Champagne colored blender with a durable stainless steel model. You can blend fibrous veggies and leafy greens without any chunk and lump in the output. We have found it as the best blender for those who love smoothies and sauces. You may also prepare your non-dairy milk and nut butler.

Container: The32 oz. cup that comes with the blender is a perfect choice for your personal purposes. It is a dishwasher-friendly container, which simplifies your cleaning process. Do not use hot ingredients to make the jar last longer.

Motor: The 900W motor helps in blending ingredients of your single-serve blender. It can operate blades to grind fruits and ice.

Speed and program settings: NutriBullet Pro works with one speed level, and thus, you may not have much control of the consistency of your smoothie. Still, we can say that the absence of settings reduces complications. As there are no preset programs, you need to do it manually to avoid overheating problems.

Blades: The packages include an emulsifying extractor blade and a set of 6-pronged stainless steel blades. These blades will not have corrosion issues while maintained properly.

Safety: The internal sensor of the system helps with automatic deactivation of the system to prevent the risk of overheating.

+ Easy to clean and user-friendly design
+ Capable of blending frozen ingredients
+ Includes a high-torque power base
+ Flip-top lids add convenience
No Pulse button and multiple speed controls.

9. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

With a unique design and patented technology, Blendtec Total Classic Blender is best for making fresh juice, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, soups, cappuccinos, bread dough, salsas, and dressings. Blendtec has offered an all-in-one system, and you do not need to buy separate appliances for these recipes.

Speed and preset programs: The intuitive controls make it easy to understand the blending cycles. There are 6 pre-programmed cycles including the Pulse button. You can prepare your nutritious smoothies, fresh salsa, delicious soups, and pancake batter. Have control of the blending speed due to the availability of 10 manual speed adjustments.

Blades: The 4″ precision-tuned blades inside the jar plays a role in crushing, grinding, and pulverizing your ingredients. The combination of a large jar with these large blades has added power to the system. The thick and strong, tamper-free blades also minimize the blending time.

Containers: The square-shaped container with tapered corners is another advantageous part of this blender. These tapered designs resemble the look of spouts that enables you to pour the liquid without any spill. The WildSide jar made of Bisphenol has a capacity of 88 ounces. You can find measurement markings in cups and ounces.

Motor quality: Blendtec has paid special attention to motor quality, as it has added a 1560W, 120V motor to the system. You can prepare a warm beverage and meals within a few minutes.

+ Digital touchpad with simple controls
+ Stable and durable device
+ Easy to clean system
+ Gripper lids with a vent
+ Automatic shut-off

10. Cleanblend Commercial Blender 3HP

Cleanblend Commercial Blender 3HP

Cleanblend commercial blender is a high-powered appliance that enables you to prepare ultra-nutritious meals. You may also install this system for your commercial kitchen. The slim pitcher and switches on two sides of the control panel have made this blender a unique appliance. Overall, this blender has an easy-to-use design, and you will get fun in operating this system.

Motor: 3 HP capacity equals 1800W, and thus, we have found the motor equipped with high power. You can pulverize ingredients without any effort. It is also easy to chop ingredients for hot soup and fresh salsa.

Container: Tritan jar is a better alternative to plastic ones. It has no harmful chemicals that can affect your health. Due to this 64-ounce container, the blender helps you sever large batches of saucy and creamy dishes.

Blades: Cleanblend has used food-grade stainless steel blades for its blender. There is an 8-blade assembly with the sealed ball bearings. You will enjoy the optimal performance of these durable blades.

Speed and preset programs: With one control, you can adjust the speed of your blender. As the blender has no preset programs, you need to use this speed control to accomplish your blending tasks.

+ Unbeatable power of the motor
+ Best for larger servings
+ BPA free, highly resilient pitcher
+ Quiet performance
+ Includes a tamper to blend ingredients
No pre-programmed settings.

11. Oster Versa

Oster Versa

Oster Versa is a low-profile system with a strong and reliable mechanism to process your raw ingredients. You can blend fruits, vegetables, ice, nuts, grains, and other constituents. The all-metal drive has made the system highly durable. Oster Versa is the best blender for vegans who love shakes, sorbets, smoothies, juices, hot soups, and dips.

Safety system: The system includes two sensors- each for overloading and overheating issues. When you have loaded the jar with lots of ingredients, the overloading sensor will alarm you.

Motor: The 1400W motor is one of the notable parts of the blender. The blender blades rotate at 28000RPM to blend your ingredients consistently.

Blades: There aretwo smaller prongs apart from the 4-prong blades on the base. The smaller ones are on the top section of the bigger models. Although these are not removable blades, you can clean them effortlessly.

Containers: The64 Oz low-profile jar made of high-quality Tristan plastic. The spout of this jar lets you avoid a mess. What’s more, the red elegant handle is one of the ergonomic features of the jar.

Program settings: You can find 3 programs with a manual dial speed. You need to twist the button clockwise to take the speed to a higher level. Besides, the system has preset programs for soups, dips, and smoothies. When the unit is ready for your use, you will find the pulse light illuminated.

+ Includes sensors for your safety
+ Best speed control system
+ Compact container- No storage problem
+ The sturdy base prevents slipping issue
+ Controls are easy to read
No food processor attachment
Need to pre-chop some vegetables.

12. KitchenAid KSB1570OB

KitchenAid KSB1570OB

KitchenAid KSB1570OB is another premium quality blender with a vintage look and wallet-friendly price. It can be one of the awesome additions to your kitchen. In fact, it is something more than a frozen drink maker and smoothie machine. Its performance and durable parts have impressed several users.

Speed: The simple control panel enables you to control the speed up to 5 levels. The manufacturer has tried to keep up minimalism by removing superfluous buttons. There is also a Pulse mode working with a range of speed levels for the blending process. This device is best for crushing ice. Still, you can add other ingredients to make puree, chop, stir, and liquefy.

Motor technologies: Like any other reliable blender, KitchenAid KSB1570OB has a high motor quality. The innovative Soft Start feature lets the motor work at a slower rate and pulls ingredients into the blade. The Intelli-Speed Motor Control helps in sensing your ingredient while maintaining the optimal speed. Furthermore, the manufacturer has integrated Steel-Reinforced Coupler ensuring direct transfer of power from the motor to the blade.

Container: The BPA-free jar is capable of holding 56 ounces of liquid. It is a stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, long-lasting jar. You may use the dishwasher to clean up the container.

Blades- The stainless steel blades are inseparable from the system. Still, you will not need to worry about cleaning them regularly. It is easy to wash them after every use.

+ Ensure robust blending solution
+ The coated coupler- For quiet operation
+ Sturdy die-cast metal base
+ The control panel is easy to clean
No programmed settings.

How To Pick a Plant-based diet blender?

As you want to make a successful transition to a vegan diet, it is the smartest decision to buy a blender. Now, the question is which is the best blender for vegans? You can find lots of models in the market, and you need to choose a performance-wise, versatile blender. A quality blender can deal with both cold and hot ingredients. Still, there are several factors, on which you must focus to purchase your blender.

Speed and motor power

RPMs, Watts, and Horsepower are some commonly chosen units to indicate the performance standard of the blender. When the motor power is around 1500W, the blending speed can be more than 10,000 RPMs. The lower RPM is best for juice lovers, the higher one is perfect for pureeing, creating smoothies, and chopping ingredients.

A reliable blender always has multiple speed settings, and we think that it is good to buy a system with a minimum of 5-speed settings. Based on your usage, you can adjust the speed.

Blade assembly

The best blenders have at least 4-prong stainless steel blades. These strong blades can cut, grind, and blend vegetables. Low-quality blades may not be useful for preparing nut butter and similar other recipes.


Tritancopolyester and steel are the commonly chosen materials for a blender. Although Tritancopolyester is plastic, it looks like glass. You must also check out BPA-ratings of materials used for your blender.

Size of a blender

Bulky and tall blenders may cause storage issues in your kitchen cabinets. Check the size of your vegan blender before making a purchase. The standard height of these blenders can be about 15 inches with a weight of 10 to 11 lbs.


Too small and big jars are not the perfect options for your daily needs. Some brands include multiple containers in their packages. A 64-ounce container holds your mashed potato and smoothies. The container size can range from 20 Oz to 72 Oz. When you are looking for a blender for your personal use, you may invest in the smaller ones.

Ease of cleaning

Your family members and guests wait for flavorsome juices, soups, and smoothies to please their taste buds. Every time you use the blender, you need to make efforts to clean the system. Blender manufacturers understand this problem, and that’s why they have added a self-cleaning program to their products. You may find this special feature in some blenders. By clicking a button and adding warm water, you can cleanse the system.

Regular cleaning prevents food particles from blocking the blender parts. Nowadays, most blenders have dishwasher-friendly parts to make your cleaning task easy.

A control panel and programmed settings

The LED control panel ensures smooth and easy operation. The clear display of controls makes the systems user-friendly. Some blenders have touch-sensitive panels to add a level of convenience. From the control panel, you can adjust the speed, turn on the system, and do other activities. The presence of programmable settings is advantageous and timesaving. You may also operate the blender manually based on your needs. The best quality vegans’ blenders have pre-programmed settings for ice cream, puree, nut milk, nut butter, and other plant-based recipes.

Other special features of a blender for vegans

Vegan blenders must include a ventilated lid to let you prepare hot soups and other recipes. You can effortlessly blend these hot ingredients with your blender. To buy a blender for nut milk and nut butter, it is better to choose one that has pronged blades longer in length. Some users, however, say that nut butter has the best consistency with the blunt blade.

Tamper is another useful feature helping you to deal with ingredients, which may get stuck to your blades. Not all blenders have a tamper, and therefore, you have to choose ones that include this component. While preparing vegan ice cream, nut butter, and thick soup, you will find this tamper useful.

Lastly, a warranty is an important factor in buying an electronic system, like a blender. Reputed brands ensure a one-year warranty that can easily attract customers.

You have to check out these features while buying a blender for your vegan diets.

FAQ on Blenders for Vegans

Can blender blend nuts?

There are high-performance blenders helping you to grind and blend nuts. They can endure heavy-duty tasks due to their special designs. When you have chosen the wrong blender and put nuts into it, the blades may become dully. To avoid this problem, you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions and use the blender for the right purpose.

Why does my blender not blend frozen fruits?

Frozen fruits are one of the essentials to prepare delicious smoothies. When you have not combined those ingredients in the right order, they can clog your blender’s blades. You may also find this issue while you have added several frozen fruits and ingredients into the jar. There must be a proper balance of frozen and fresh fruits inside the jar.

Should I defrost fruit before smoothie?

Frozen fruits make it easy to whip up your smoothie, and you will get thicker content. Still, it is safe to thaw those fruits partially before putting them into a blender. This simple trick will make your blender blades long-lasting.


Blending plant-based foods may be time-consuming without a blender. To save time in preparing your everyday diets, you can rely on the best blenders for vegans. With an easy blending mechanism, blenders help you in making nutrient-rich dishes with fruits and veggies.

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