8 Best Blender Under $50

Not everyone can afford high-end blenders with a cut-throat price tag. If you are in this boat, you should consider opting for an affordable alternative.

Well, it may surprise you to know that you can get your hand on a high-quality blender under the $50 price range.

To narrow down the best blender under $50, you are going to need all the help you can get. This article contains all the information you will need to narrow down the best low priced units on the market.

Best Blender Under $50

Our Top Pick


Hamilton Beach Wave

It is a high-quality unit with a 700-watts motor and a sturdy jar that can make several cups of delicious treats at a go. Its brilliant design, exceptional finishing, and superior performance make it stand out from the crowd.

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Budget Blender VS Expensive Blender

Most people have the notion that expensive blenders are perfect and can over-deliver in every category. While that is somewhat true, it may surprise you to know that not all high-end units on the market can deliver excellent results.

There are many units produced by major brands that cost a small fortune but fall short when it comes to performance.

Presently, some low priced units can deliver near-perfect consistency and texture.

Finding these models is difficult as they aren’t made by top brands that spend thousands on ads each year.

The bottom line here is that some affordable blenders can compete with many high-end blenders in specific categories.

That being said, you need to keep in mind that most high-end units on the market come with jaw-dropping features that will help users get things done faster.

What’s more, they look amazing and will likely last longer, as they are made with premium quality materials that can stand the test of time. 

Best Blender Under $50 Comparison

In this section, we will be looking at the key specs and functions of the various unit reviewed in this article.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickHamilton Beach Wave Crusher Hamilton Beach Wave CrusherMotor power: 700 watts
Programmable setting
: 8 speed
glass, 40oz
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Portable PickOyeet Oyeet Motor power: 1000 watts
Programmable setting:
Tritan plastic, 18oz
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Budget PickMagic Bullet MBR-1101 Magic Bullet MBR-1101Motor power: 250 watts
Programmable setting:
1 speed
plastic, 12oz, 18oz, and 22oz.
Read Full Review
Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach 51103Motor power: 175 watts
Programmable setting:
1 speed
14oz BPA free jar
Read Full Review
Cincred CincredMotor power: 250 watts
Programmable setting:
1 speed
400ml BPA free jar
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Oster 6832 Oster 6832 Motor power: 700 watts
Programmable setting: 10 speed
Container: 48 oz BPA free jar
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Ninja Master Prep Ninja Master PrepMotor power: 400 watts
Programmable setting: 1 speed
Container: Plastic; 48 oz and 16 oz
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Hamilton Beach Power Elite Hamilton Beach Power EliteMotor power: 700 watts
Programmable setting: 4 speed
Container: Glass, 40oz
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1. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher (Top Pick)

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher

The Hamilton Beach is an affordable blender that boasts of features that will exceed your expectations. Many are presently regarded as one of the best blenders under $50, as it over-delivers in every category.

This high-performance blender comes with a 700-watts motor. The sheer power of the motor enables the unit to deliver excellent results consistently.

If you buy this blender, it can prepare icy drinks, smoothies, and even perform some simple food processing task.

With the Hamilton Beach, you will be able to prepare up to 5 cups of delicious treats at a go, as its 40oz glass jar is large. It may interest you to know that the jar is heat resistant, easy to maintain, ultra-clear, and dishwasher safe.

The blades fitted in the pitcher are made of stainless steel and are great for blending tough ingredients.

Since this unit comes with a 3-year warranty, you can blend with confidence, knowing that it will remain in great shape for years to come.

So if you are looking for the best blender under $50 with ice-crushing capability, blend frozen fruits, and deliver smooth results, the Hamilton Beach Crusher will be perfect for you.

+ Sturdy motor
+ Glass blending jar
+ 3-year warranty
+ Perfect for blending tough ingredients
+ Eye-catching design
No pre-sets
No digital timer
It is difficult to store
Bulky base.

2. Oyeet (Portable Pick)


The Oyeet is an inexpensive blender with a breathtaking design that will turn heads and give you loads of compliments. This blender won the IF design award because of its luxurious exterior and compact design.

The Oyeet isn’t ranked as one of the best blenders under $50 just because it looks great. When it comes to performance, this unit can compete with many countertop blenders.

The 1000 watts motor fitted in its base unit is durable and can work with tough ingredients like nuts and seeds.What’s more, it can prepare smoothies and frozen drinks.

The Oyeet also comes with an 18oz jar made from Tritan plastic; a sturdy material that is easy to clean.

The stainless steel blades in the blending jar is durable, sturdy, and can work with veggies, ice, and a few other ingredients that many regular units struggle with.

The only issue with the Oyeet is that its jar is small and may notaddress the needs of a large family. But of course, this takes nothing from its performance.

The Oyeet is a must-have for anyone looking for a stylish single-serve blender under $50 that is great for crushing ice, making delicious smoothies, nut butter, and milkshakes.

+ 1000 watt power
+ Budget-friendly Price range
+ Sleek design
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Sturdy blades
Small blending jar
No preset
Only one speed
No pulse function
Can’t work with hot ingredients.

3. Magic Bullet MBR-1101 (Budget Pick)

Magic Bullet MBR-1101

This affordable blender is great for making smoothies, grinding coffee beans, and crushing frozen fruit, ice, and tough ingredients. Its compact and stylish design is going to impress you and complement your kitchen décor.

This high-speed blender measures 4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 and weighs 4.13 pounds. Since it is lightweight, it will be easy for you to move it around your kitchen and even travel with it.

The blender comes with a recipe book and 3 cups. The first one is ago cup with a 12oz capacity, the second has a 22oz capacity, while the third has an 18oz capacity.  

The 250w motor fitted in the blender’s base unit is somewhat powerful and can deliver excellent results, especially when working with soft ingredients.

The blades that come with this single-serve blender are durable, powerful, and easy to maintain.

The MBR-1101 is an excellent unit that is great for blending tough produce, but it has some issues. Some users complained that its motor power is below average and can’t work with ice. Also, the unit has no pulse function and presets.

This unit is a great option for people looking for an inexpensive blender within the $50 price range that can prepare smoothies and perform the basic functions of a food processor.

+ Perfect for Blending soft ingredients
+ Pulse function
+ 3 dishwasher-safe cups
+ Affordable
+ Lightweight and portable
May struggle with tough produce
No presets
No pulse function
Its motor isn’t powerful.

4. Hamilton Beach 51103

Hamilton Beach 51103

The Hamilton Beach 51103 is a durable personal blender that is easy to use and maintain. Its stunning design and remarkable performance is going to impress you.

The unit is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around.What’s more, it is easy to store and won’t take up much space on your countertop.

People who are into smoothies and shakes are going to love this blender, as it can prepare near-perfect smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes, and many more at a moment’s notice.

The unit can also serve as a food processor, as it can work with tough ingredients. The stainless steel blades in its blending jar are powerful and can crush tough veggies and fruits with ease.

The blender comes with a 175-watt motor, which is powerful enough to carry out basic blending tasks.

The unit also comes with a 14oz jar; made from durable BPA-free plastic.

Just like many personal blenders on the market, this unit has few issues. First, it isn’t great for blending ice. Also, its jar is small.

This blender will be perfect for those looking for the best blenders under $50, as it is affordable and effective.

+ Compact design
+ Easy to maintain
+ Durable and portable blending jar
+ Versatile function
+ Straight forward controls
Can’t work with ice
Its motor isn’t very powerful
Only one speed
No presets.

5. Cincred


The Cincred is undeniably one of the best personal blenders with a budget-friendly price tag. Its stunning design and exceptional finishing set it apart from models from other brands.

The unit is fitted with a 250w motor power. Whole fruits, veggies, and other tough ingredients don’t stand a chance against the blades fitted in this personal blender.

Since they are made of stainless steel, they can effectively crush tough produce into tiny bits within seconds.

This high-speed blender comes with a 400ml travel cup; made from Tritan plastic. The cup is lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable.

With the Cincred, you won’t have to stress yourself to make your favorite smoothies and icy drinks, as its controls are very straight forward. Anyone can master its controls easily.

This unit is great and has a lot of unique features, but it isn’t perfect. Some users complained that it isn’t powerful enough to work with frozen fruits. Also, it only has one speed.

So if you are looking for the best blenders under $50 with a breathtaking design, you should check out the Cincred.

+ Easy to use
+ Great for blending fruits
+ Stylish design
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Durable travel cup made from Tritan
Its motor isn’t so powerful
Small capacity jar
Only one speed
It can’t work with frozen fruits.

6. Oster 6832

Oster 6832

The Oster 6832 is a powerful countertop blender perfect for making smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and everything in between. Its sophisticated design and elaborate finishing is going to complement the décor of most modern kitchens.

Unlike many personal blenders that come with a small capacity blending jar, the Oster 6832 comes with a large jar that can make up to six cups of delicious treats at a go. The jar is made from Boroclass Glass, a durable material that is ultra-clear and dishwasher safe.

With this high-performance unit, you will be able to get the unique consistency and texture you want at the touch of a button. The unit has 10 speeds and a pulse setting.

The blender comes with crush pro blades that can work with tough ingredients like veggies, seeds, and nuts.

As you will expect from one of the best blenders under $50, the Oster 6832 is durable and can withstand consistent use without developing a fault or falling apart.

It may surprise you to know that the unit comes with a 10-year warranty.

As you can likely tell, the Oster 6832 is a great blender, but it has a few issues. First, it can’t work with hot ingredients and heat up soup. Second, it is noisy.

+ Its jar is dishwasher safe
+ 10-speed setting
+ Powerful 700w motor
+ Durable jar
+ Sturdy crush pro blades
Can’t work with hot ingredients
Bulky base
No pre-sets
A bit noisy.

7. Ninja Master Prep

Ninja Master Prep

The Ninja Master Prep is an amazing personal blender designed explicitly to carry out blending and food processing tasks. This unit will stand out in your kitchen and give you lots of compliments, as it has a unique design.

Unlikemost full-sized blender or food processor combos that take lots of space, the Ninja Master Prep has a small base and won’t take up much space on your countertop. What’s more, it is lightweight and portable. The entire unit measures 11 x 12.25 x 7 and weighs a mere 4 pounds.

When it comes to performance, the Ninja Master Prep doesn’t disappoint. The 400-watts motor fitted in its base unit is powerful and can work with tough produce and deliver excellent results.

If you have this personal blender, you won’t have to stress yourself to make smoothies and blend ingredients, as the unit is great for making near-perfect smoothies.

Even more, it can effectively perform the functions of a food processor. This means that it can dice, mince, and chop produce. This is possible because the blades fitted in the unit are sturdy and durable.

The 48oz pitcher and 16oz chopper bowl that comes with the unit are durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

The only issue with this unit is that it is a bit noisy.

So if you are looking for the best blenders under $50, which can carry out food processing tasks, you should check out the Ninja Master Prep.

+ 400-watt power pod
+ Durable 16 oz and 48oz jars
+ It is versatile
+ Can deliver excellent results
+ Portable and lightweight
It has no pre-sets
It is somewhat noisy
No digital display.

8. Hamilton Beach Power Elite

Hamilton Beach Power Elite

This is a high-performance countertop blender that has features that will make your life easier. Its sleek and modern design is surely going to impress you and complement your kitchen décor.

People who are into frozen drinks and smoothies will love this blender, as it can work with ice. What’s more, it can liquefy whole fruits and vegetables within seconds.

With this unit, users will be able to get their desired consistency without any hassle. On the control panel of the blender, you will find 4-speed buttons, which can help you get your desired texture when making shakes and frozen drinks. The unit can also dice, chop, and grate ingredients.

If you buy this unit, you will get a 40oz jar made from glass. The jar is solid and has measuring lines. What’s more, it is easy to maintain and dishwasher safe.

The stainless steel blades in the jar are powerful and durable.

As you can likely tell, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite is one of the best blenders under $50, but it has a few issues. First, its glass jar is somewhat heavy. Also, it cannot work with tough seeds and make nut butter.

This unit will be perfect for people looking for the best blenders under $50.

+ 40oz jar
+ Impressive design and finishing
+ 5-speed settings
+ Pulse feature
Its jar is heavy
Bulky base
It doesn’t come with a tamper.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick a Budget Blender

Finding an excellent budget-friendly blender is by no means a walk in the park. With so many low-quality models that over promise and under deliver, it may be difficult for you to narrow down the best one for your family.

Well, the good news is that there are certain factors that can help you determine if a blender is of high quality or not. Read on to learn about them.


The first thing you should do when looking for an affordable blender is to keep your expectations in check.

The truth is that there are no blenders under the $50 price range that comes with a 1000 watt and above motor.

You will be able to find models with a 700-watt motor, which is capable of liquefying whole fruits.

Opting for a model with a motor of less than 700 watts is by no means a good idea, especially if you plan on working with ice, tough vegetables, and frozen fruits.

A unit with a 400-watts motor is perfect for people looking to make only smoothies and shakes.

If you are looking to make frozen drinks with an affordable unit, be sure to crush it into sizable chunks before blending it.


You are never going to regret buying a unit that is easy to clean.

While most blenders on the market are easy to maintain and dishwasher safe, few models take forever to clean.

To reduce the odds of buying them, you should only opt for blender models that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean manually with soap and water.

Even if your unit doesn’t have a self-clean feature, you can clean it after each use by blending a mixture of warm water and soap for a few seconds.


Let’s face it; even the best blender under $50 is loud. But not as loud as many high-end countertop units on the market.

The truth is that the higher the wattage of a motor, the higher the noise it will make.

This means that affordable units with a low wattage motor are likely going to have a smaller sound footprint. So you can use them in your home and office without waking your neighbors.

The bottom line here is that you should check how much noise a unit makes before making a final decision.

Puree, shake and smoothie in a glass blended using one of the best blender under $50


The size of the container that comes with a unit often determines how many cups or ounces of shakes or drinks you will be able to make at a go.

If you opt for a single-serve unit, you will be able to make one or two cups at a time. This won’t be an issue if you plan on using it to make a delicious treat for yourself alone.

However, if you have a large family, a single-serve unit may not be able to address your needs. A unit that comes with a 40oz and above jar may be a better fit for you.

Plastic and glass are the two main materials used in making blending jar. While both materials are great, they aren’t perfect.

Glass is ultra-clear, dishwasher friendly, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, but it is heavy and may shatter if it falls. 

Plastic is shatter-resistant, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe, but it is prone to scratch. Also, it may become blurry after a while.


Many units on the market come with accessories like travel cups, blades, extra blades, etc. If you are like most people, you likely have a strong drive to opt for models that come with many accessories.

That said, you need to note that the effectiveness of a unit has nothing to do with the accessories that come with it. So your focus when buying a unit should be on its performance and durability.


It is easy to assume that only high-end blenders have a warranty. But the truth is that even affordable units under the $50 price range come with a warranty.

High-quality models like our top pick; has a 3-year warranty.

Buying a low-cost unit that doesn’t have a warranty is a decision you are likely going to regret soon; as you will have to spend your money to fix it if it develops a fault in the near future.

FAQ on Blenders Under $50

Is budget blender worth the money?

Yes. Budget blenders are an excellent investment for people looking to add more fruits and veggies to their diet but are on a tight budget. Most low priced units on the market can make smoothies, shakes, and everything in between. With a 700-watt motor, some models can work with tough produce and make frozen drinks and concoctions.

Are expensive blenders better than budget blender?

Yes, they are. Expensive blenders can carry out basic and tough blending tasks with ease. What’s more, they are versatile and have features that can make the lives of users easier. Most high-end units on the market have pre-sets that can help users make near perfect smoothies, shakes, soup, and so on at the touch of a button.

Is a portable blender able to crush ice?

Any blender can crush ice if it has a powerful motor. What this means is that a portable blender with a powerful motor can transform ice to snow easily. But the sad truth is that most portable or single-serve units on the market come with a low watt motor that isn’t powerful enough to crush ice. If you do a little digging, you may find some portable units that can work with ice.

Does wattage matter for blenders?

Yes, it does. The wattage of the motor in a blender determines how well it will perform. So, before making a final decision, you must check if the wattage in the unit you want to purchase is high. Units that come with a motor with high wattage can do everything from work with frozen ingredients and liquefy whole fruits and vegetables.

Our Verdict

While we were impressed with all the units reviewed in this article, the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is our top pick, as it is easy to use, versatile, and powerful. What’s more, it comes with a 3-year warranty and is easy to store. The unit is a perfect fit for people looking for the best blender under $50.

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