15 Best Portable Travel Blender in 2022

Do you like to travel and, at the same time, is a health buff that consumes fresh blended drinks daily?

If yes, then you might have encountered a problem where you can’t take your countertop blender as you board a plane, train, or even a bus. Good thing there is a solution for your troubles– enter the best portable blender for travel.

Best Portable Blender

Our Top Pick


Nutribullet Pro

A household name in the portable blender space, the Nutribullet Pro features a powerful 900-watt motor. It comes with two single-serve containers– a 32 oz colossal cup and a 24 oz countertop bottle. Attachments include a handled lip ring that quickly transforms these cups into mugs. It weighs only 7.5 lbs and is the perfect travel companion abroad for health-conscious tourists.

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How to Pick the Best Portable Blender?

Making smoothies is one of the most fun ways of using a portable travel blender. Thanks to them being quite handy, you can enjoy popular smoothie flavors like mixed berries, tropical fruit, and matcha wherever you go.

However, not all portable blenders on the market are entirely up to the task of making smoothies. Some may be underpowered that it can’t process more problematic ingredients, while others might not have excellent build quality.  

For these reasons, there are some key points you need to consider before choosing the right portable travel blender. Below are some of the factors that you should look for in a portable blender that will make your smoothies while you’re far away from home:

Container Size

Many travel blenders usually have single-serve cups that double as the main pitcher. Depending on your need, you might need a smaller or bigger container. For example, an 18 oz blender cup fills about two glasses of drink, while a 24 oz is equivalent to three glasses.

Furthermore, you should also consider if the blender will fit just right into your luggage during travel. If you are going by plane, check first if your destination’s country or airport prohibits or restricts the size of such devices.


Very few people pay attention to how heavy their portable blender is without realizing its importance. If you are traveling by plane and have your blender with you, it can sometimes affect whether you meet the luggage weight limit or go beyond it.

Additionally, the heavier the travel blender and its containers, the more difficult it is to move them around. However, if you prefer lighter portable blenders, you have to sacrifice other features such as lower blending power and less durability.

Spill-Free Lid

If you regularly move around your blender’s single-serve container, there’s a significant chance that you may spill its contents. Hence, you need a model that has a spill-free lid to address this problem.

Some of the best portable blenders for travel also have a spout on the lid to make it easier to drink from the container. Make sure that the blender you are getting has a very tight sealing mechanism to prevent any leaks.


Another feature that you should consider is the grip of the container. Some portable blenders have a unique layout that makes it easier to fit in your hands. Meanwhile, some single-serve containers add rubber handles or hand straps to ensure you won’t quickly lose grip when you are on the move.

Power Rating

The wattage of the personal blender often equates to how much power it can generate during the blending process. You might need a portable blender with a higher capacity to deal with hard ingredients such as coffee beans, ice, and nut butter.

Consequently, the motor’s power also determines the speed at which the blades can spin. In general, the more powerful the engine, the faster and more efficient it can process the ingredients you put in the travel blender.

Sharp Blades

Blades play an important role in how effective your portable blenders will be when processing different kinds of ingredients. You want the unit’s blades not only to be sharp but durable at the same time. The design and layout of the blades can also determine its blending time.

For example, stacked blades offer a more comprehensive blending range inside the unit compared to your traditional four-pronged blades. On the flip side, sharper blades pose some risk of injuring you whenever you handle them while cleaning or disassembling the unit.

Speed Settings

Many travel blenders only have a few speed settings, which can be quite limiting on what you can do with them. However, there are quite a few portable blenders that offer multiple speed settings, and there are some benefits behind them.

For example, the more pre-programmed settings, the more accurate the blending consistency you can get from your smoothie. These pre-programmed settings also remove much of the guesswork when blending with different kinds of ingredients.  

Battery Life

Most portable blenders in the market today are battery operated and can be recharged through their USB ports. However, because blenders tend to consume a lot of power, most of these models can last on average 10-20 blending sessions before needing to be recharged again.

The great thing about battery operated blenders is that you can charge them while you’re on the go using your power bank. Before buying a particular portable blending unit, check the rating of the rechargeable battery. Anything around 2,000 mAh to 4,000 mAh is considered suitable for travel. You should also consider their recharge time and look out for units for 3-5 hours.

Value For Money

Some manufacturers offer top-notch portable blenders without breaking your bank account. Besides providing handy blenders, they usually sweeten the deal by including features, attachments, or other usable items.

One way to determine if the product is giving you more value for money is to compare it with other similar models in the category. If it is the same price or cheaper but has better performance or has more features, then it’s giving you more bang for your buck.

Best Portable Blenders for Travel Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickNutriBullet Pro NutriBullet ProMotor Power: 900-watts
7.5 lbs
32 oz, 24 oz
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Budget BlenderHamilton Beach Hamilton Beach PersonalMotor Power: 175-watts
2.64 lbs
14 oz
Read Full Review
USB BlenderPopBabies Personal PopBabies PersonalMotor Power: 175-watts
1.3 lbs
14 oz
Read Full Review
Magic Bullet Magic BulletMotor Power: 250-watts
Weight: 4.7 lbs
22 oz, 12 oz
Read Full Review
 OYeet GoPower OYeet GoPowerMotor Power: 1000-watts
6.69 lbs
15 oz
Read Full Review
Ninja Personal Blender Ninja Personal BlenderMotor Power: 700-watts
4.63 lbs
Two 16 oz
Read Full Review
Nutri Ninja Pro Ninja Nutri ProMotor Power: 900-watts
4.8 lbs
24 oz, 18 oz
Read Full Review
Oster BLSTPB-WBL Oster BLSTPB-WBLMotor Power: 250 watts
3.49 lbs
20 oz
Read Full Review
Cuisinart CPB-300 Cuisinart CPB-300Motor Power: 600-watts
4 lbs
32 oz, 16 oz, 8 oz
Read Full Review
Tenswell Rechargeable Tenswell RechargeableMotor Power: 120-watts
1.19 lbs
13 oz
Read Full Review
Keyton Single-Serve Keyton Single-ServeMotor Power: 300-watts
2.7 lbs
21 oz
Read Full Review
ModernComfort BlenderX ModernComfort BlenderXMotor Power: 260-watts
4.62 oz
20 oz
Read Full Review
Cincred Professional Cincred ProfessionalMotor Power: 250-watts
Weight: 2.55 lbs
Container: 15 oz
Read Full Review
Epica Blender Epica Personal BlenderMotor Power: 300-watts
3.39 lbs
20 oz
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La Reveuse 300W La Reveuse 300WMotor Power:300-watts
2.5 lbs
:18 oz
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1.  NutriBullet Pro (Our Top Pick)

Nutribullet Pro

Listed as our no.1 best portable blender for travel, the Nutribullet Pro has everything you want from your portable blender. Its 900-watt motor is almost as powerful as its larger countertop version. Because of this output, it can spin its stainless steel extractor blade up to 25,000 RPMs.

When you purchase the Nutribullet Pro, you get two containers- a 32 oz colossal cup and a 24 oz tall cup. Both BPA-free plastic cups come with a flip-top lid that can tightly seal the contents of the blender. Meanwhile, it’s hand handled lip ring can turn the container into a nifty mug and as a means to easily carry the blender cup anywhere.

The unit’s base is powered using direct current from an electric outlet. It also has a safety breaker or sensor that will automatically turn off the machine when it overheats. To operate, you simply have to push down the container once you have all the ingredients inside.

This travel blender is also dishwasher safe. However, you might find it hard to assemble or disassemble because of its numerous components. It comes with a one year warranty.

+ Effortlessly pulverizes ingredients in seconds
+ Can perform multiple blending tasks
+ Able to handle frozen drinks
+ Easy to maintain
+ Numerous attachments for versatility
Container may sometimes jam the motor
The motor is quite loud
Prone to leaking

2.  Hamilton Beach Personal (Budget Pick)

  Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is a convenient way to create smoothies anywhere you go. Its slim and compact design allows you to pack it into your luggage and is excellent for constant travelers. Its 175-watt motor is enough to crush ice and make salsas, sauces, dressings, and even cold beverages.

This portable blender comes with two 14 oz blending containers that double as travel jars. Furthermore, both BPA-free cups have clear measurement lines and a max fill line at 400 mL, helping you track the ingredients you added.

It’s stainless steel blades are durable enough to crush ice. However, it’s not recommended for blending hard ingredients because it isn’t primarily designed for heavy-duty blending like countertop models. The Hamilton Beach personal travel blender also uses a one-touch blending mechanism to access using its power button.

The portable blender only weighs 2.64 lbs and has a height of 11.8 inches. Most of its plastic components are dishwasher safe. You can also choose from six color schemes for the blender’s main body and the cup’s lid.

+ Reasonably priced
+ Easy to use and clean
+ Small and lightweight
+ One-touch blending mechanism
+ Clear markings and max line
Underpowered motor
Small containers
Short power cord

3.  PopBabies Personal (USB Blender)

PopBabies Personal

This portable blender has a rechargeable battery that you can power up using its USB port. Its 175-watt motor allows its sharp stainless steel blades to cycle up to 22,000 RPMs. This blender can charge it’s 4000 mAh batteries and blend at the same time.

The PopBabies Personal blender also comes with a 14 oz blending container that doubles as a travel jar. Its BPA-free plastic jar has clear markings and a max line indicator at 400 mL. The entire blender weighs only 1.3 pounds and has a height of 10.2 inches.

One unique feature of this blender that you won’t find elsewhere is its mini ice cube tray and funnel attachments. The former can help you create your ice cubes, which you need for cold drinks. In comparison, the latter will make it easier for you to add ingredients to the container. Do note that because of its small mouth size, most produce needs to be two inches or smaller to fit in the travel blender.

Besides making smoothies, you can also use this blender to make pesto sauce, marinades, and baby food. Additionally, you can even shake the blender during its operation to obtain the blending consistency you desire. The containers are also slim enough to fit your car’s cup holder or even inside a small backpack.

+ Operates using a one-touch button
+ Decent recharging time of 3-5 hours
+ Can blend 20 times per full charge
+ Compact sized containers fit anywhere
+ Affordable price
Underpowered motor
Small container mouth
Subpar blending consistency

4.  Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

Small blenders can be quite versatile, especially if you throw in numerous attachments that improve its functionality. Such is the case of the Magic Bullet blender that consists of 13-pieces for the whole product line. Its 250-watt motor is silent during its operation and leaves only a tiny footprint in your electric bill.

As one of the best portable blenders, the Magic Bullet is perfect for whipping, mixing, chopping, and to some extent, even grinding. The blender is also relatively compact and lightweight at 4.7 lbs. With a height of 11.61 inches, it can easily fit in any luggage.

To operate this machine, you simply have to push down the container after putting all of the ingredients you want to blend. You can use either its 12 oz cup or 22 oz mug for its blending container, depending on your needs. Both cups have lids with flip top features that allow you to drink from its opening directly.

You can also choose between using its flat milling blade for coarse ingredients and the cross blade for your general blending tasks. It’s BPA-free plastic components are also dishwasher safe. 

+ Large three cups container mug
+ Easy to assemble pieces
+ BPA-free plastic component
+ Compact size fits in any luggage
+ Multiple attachments offer versatility
Doesn’t handle frozen ingredients well
Slightly heavier than its rivals
Subpar blending consistency

5.  OYeet GoPower

OYeet GoPower

The best way to describe the OYeet GoPower is with the phrase “small in size, big in performance.” This personal blender only weighs less than seven lbs and has a dimension of 10.6 x 9.4 x 6.2 inches. However, inside, it is a powerful 1000-watt motor that allows it to blend at speeds of up to 30,000 RPMs.

Thanks to its overpowering output, it can process most foods in just 10 seconds or less. According to its manufacturer, this blender excels in nutrient extraction thanks to its Vortex Blending System.

This blender also has a sporty design that perfectly fits those who lead an active lifestyle, especially gym-goers and outdoor enthusiasts. To operate this unit, simply fill it with all the ingredients you need, push the blender’s top, and twist the cap to begin blending. 

Additionally, its plastic components are BPA-free and easy to clean using your hands or dishwasher. It’s 15 oz sports bottle doubles as its bender container. The blenders rubber coating protects it from outside moisture while providing a better grip for the user.

+ Can easily crush ice and hard produce
+ Perfect for making cocktails and protein shakes
+ Leak-proof, tight seal
+ Sporty and durable design
+ Powerful motor
Slightly bigger than its rivals
Slightly more expensive
Limited two cups blending amount

6.  Ninja Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender

This portable blender ticks the right boxes in this space. It’s lightweight, has ample power, and is quite versatile in terms of the ingredients it can process. Furthermore, it can easily crush ice and create frozen drinks, which the Ninja brand is known for.

The Ninja Personal Blender comes with a 700-watt motor that operates at a surprisingly low noise level. It comes with two 16 oz blender containers that double as single-serve to-go cups. Thanks to its pulse technology, you just need to push down the cup lightly and do its job. Make sure to release the current pulse cycle in under a minute to prevent it from overheating.

Weighing at 4.63 lbs, and with a height of 13.7 inches, you can easily store it on most cabinets or countertops. The blender’s slim design also makes it easier to hold. Additionally, the BPA-free plastic cups are quite clear and have measurement marks to help you keep track of the number of ingredients inside.

The Ninja Personal blender also has slip and seal lids that prevent leaks and makes it easier for the user to drink using the opening on the top of the cup. The blades, mugs, and caps are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Health-conscious individuals and those who often travel will surely appreciate its simple yet functional design.

+ Low price
+ Easy to notice measurement marks
+ Powerful motor
+ Dishwasher safe
+ Can easily crush ice
Can’t handle hot liquids
Blending amount limited to 16 oz
Sharp blades can injure

7.  Ninja Nutri Pro

Ninja Nutri Pro

This portable blender might be small, but it’s far from terrible. The Ninja Nutri Pro is a professional-grade travel blender that you can take anywhere thanks to its compact design. Its 900-watt motor is one of the most powerful in the category, with a blade rotation capability of 21,000 RPMs.

The sharp stainless steel extractor blades can efficiently process ice and blend even the toughest ingredients in seconds. This travel blender comes with an 18 oz small blender cup and a 24 oz container with tight spout lids that allow the user to carry them anywhere without worrying about spills.

Furthermore, it’s also known for efficiently extracting nutrients and vitamins by limiting the heat and oxidation levels during the blending process. While it only has one manual blending speed, it can make smoothies and protein shake with excellent blending consistencies.

The BPA-free plastic containers, its lid, and blades are dishwasher safe. If you intend to clean the blades by hand, make sure to wear protective gear such as filleting gloves. This blender is also perfect when you travel because it only weighs 4.8 lbs and has a height of 14 inches. The product also includes a 75-recipe cookbook as a bonus.

+ Easy sipping feature
+ BPA-free plastic parts
+ Powerful motor
+ Easy to use and clean
+ Long power cord
A bit noisy
Limited blend capacity
The bottom part can potentially leak

8.  Oster BLSTPB-WBL


If you want to make smoothies without ripping a hole in your pocket, then this portable travel blender from Oster is your best bet. Its sporty design, coupled with hands-free blending technology, will surely appeal to people who are always on the go.

At the heart of this travel blender is a 250-watts motor that can make shakes and other beverages. Like most personal blenders, it doesn’t have any buttons and requires you to push down the container for it to begin blending. Its sharp four-pronged stainless steel blades can crush the ice with ease.

One notable feature of this blender is its resettable fuse, which will turn off the unit when it detects overheating signs. It comes with a 20 oz sport bottle with snap carabiner closure and a tight lid clip. You can also clip the cup using a carry hook to free your hands while traveling. The bottle also has a double, which helps keep your drink cooler.

Additionally, the blender’s base comes with rubber suction cups, which provide better stability. It’s BPA-free plastic components are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. While it’s light at just 3.49 pounds, it’s tall height of 14.9 inches might require you to keep it in a larger bag while traveling.

+ Affordable price
+ Sleek and sporty container design
+ Above par motor power
+ Anti-overheating safety feature
+ Very stable base
Unclear volume markings on the containers
Visible condensation when blending cold drinks
The bottle lid is not leakproof

9.  Cuisinart CPB-300

 Cuisinart CPB-300

This compact blender system has everything you need to process a wide variety of ingredients, not just fruits, and vegetables. It’s one of the few portable blenders in the market to include a chopping cup. Because of this feature, it can process not only cold beverages but also leafy greens.

The Cuisinart CPB-300 has a 600-watt motor matched with three-speed controls is one of our best portable blenders. Aside from the pulse button, you also get a high and low program that significantly helps to get the right blending consistency. Moreover, the unit has a sharp stainless steel blade that can chop soft produce and crush ice.

It also offers a wide selection of containers such as the 32-oz blending jar, four 16 oz travel cups, and an 8 oz chopping cup. The plastic components are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It also has a self-cleaning feature that requires it to run low for 15 seconds before rinsing.

Consequently, this portable blender is also suitable for travel since it only weighs four pounds. The auto stop feature is also quite useful to prevent the machine from overheating. This product also comes with a free recipe book and has a limited warranty of three years.

+ Powerful motor
+ Includes a chopping cup
+ Anti-overheating feature
+ Long three years warranty
+ Multiple speed settings
Quite tall and hard to store
Hard to assemble and disassemble
Plastic container stains fast

10. Tenswell Rechargeable

Tenswell Rechargeable

Considered one of the best wireless blenders in the market, the Tenswell Rechargeable has tons to offer for constant travelers. It comes with a 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 30 minutes of total blending time per charge.

The travel blender also has a decent 120-watts motor that allows its sharp six-pronged blades to cycle up to 22,000 RPMs. Thanks to that output, it can make shakes and smoothies in under a minute. Meanwhile, its battery can be fully charged using a USB connector in just 3-5 hours.

At the center of its base unit seats its power button that also doubles as its one-speed pulse program. Accompanying the base unit is a 380 mL travel container with a tight lid. According to its manufacturer, the plastic cup material is PCTG food grade but did not mention whether it’s BPA-free.

Meanwhile, the blending container also has a self-cleaning mode. When cleaning using this feature, make sure not to put your hands near the power button. At just 1.19 pounds, it’s the lightest portable blender on our list.

+ Relatively fast charging time
+ Long battery life
+ Made of non-toxic materials
+ Automatic cleaning system
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Short one year warranty period
Randomly stops when blending hard ingredients
No warning signal when the battery is low

11.  Keyton Single-Serve

Keyton Single-Serve

This personal blender has a sleek, streamlined design that is accentuated by its chrome body finish. Its core is a 300-watt motor that allows its sharp four-pronged stainless steel blade to cycle fast. Hence, it can easily crush ice and cold drinks such as smoothies and shakes.

It has a 21 oz blender container that doubles as a personal single-serve cup. You can take this cup anywhere without any spillage thanks to its tight travel lid and spout cap. The plastic cup is also BPA-free and certified by UL. Moreover, its blades, lid, and personal cup are dishwasher safe.

Because it’s made of only a few components, the whole setup is easy to assemble and disassemble. The base also has rubber suction cups that provide better stability allowing you to blend hands-free.

To use this mini blender, simply lock the container in place after placing all of the ingredients inside. Then press down the cup to start the blending process and release when you want the operation to end.

+ Sleek and compact design
+ Easy to assemble and clean
+ Affordable price
+ Easy to grip sporty bottle
+ BPA-free plastic components
Blades lack sharpness
No measurement markings and max line
Can potentially leak when blending

12.  ModernComfort BlenderX

 ModernComfort BlenderX

This cordless portable blender excels both in indoor and outdoor use thanks to its versatility and solid build. It is powered by a 260-watt motor that can operate using its rechargeable battery when unplugged. Meanwhile, its stainless-steel extractor blades can blend even fibrous vegetables and hard produce. You can charge this unit through its USB port.

The ModernComfort Blender X is also one of the few best portable blender that includes a waterproof storage bag. The travel bag also comes with a shoulder strap handle, making it easier to carry to the beach, pool, and other outdoor places.

It comes with a 20 oz BPA-free plastic blending jar that also acts as your single-serve cup. This container is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The mug also comes with a tight travel lid and drinking spout. Other attachments include a longer-lasting charger and blade cover.

Weighing only 4.62 pounds, and with a height of 7.56 inches, it’s the perfect companion to your travels. The stainless steel motor base has rubber suction feet that provide extra stability to the unit and allow hands-free blending. To operate it, simply lock the container in place after placing all the ingredients and push the start button to begin blending.

+ Capable of crushing ice
+ Includes a waterproof travel bag
+ Has up to 30 blends per full charge
+ Single-touch operation
+ Non-skid rubber feet
Does not include extra cup
No low battery indicator
Short cord

13.  Cincred Professional

Cincred Professional

Despite being one of the cheapest and best personal blenders on the list, many things are going on for the Cincred Professional. Powering this portable blender is a 250-watt motor with a unique ventilation system that allows longer use without overheating. It can grind down cube ice and even coffee beans.

It’s BPA-free 15 oz plastic cup extends the cold temperature of your blended drinks. The cup features a double-deck lid, which prevents any leaks or spills. The cover also comes with a handle ring, which allows you to carry it with ease. Meanwhile, its internal design prevents any leaks using silica gel rings.

The four-pronged stainless steel blade design can deal with various ingredients from soft produce to ice cubes. Weighing only 2.55 lbs and with a height of 6.2-inches, you can quickly put it even in a small travel bag.

Furthermore, this portable blender is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It operates using the same push down action that’s common to many mini blenders. However, you can’t expect its components to be as reliable as its more expensive rivals at this low price point.

+ Lasts up to 25 blends per charge
+ Good ventilation
+ Lightweight and easy to store
+ The double-deck lid prevents spills
+ Minimal instances of leaking
Limited capacity of only 15 oz
Jar becomes cloudy overtime
Lower build quality

14.  Epica Personal Blender

Epica Personal Blender

Another budget pick on our best portable blenders list that you should consider is this unit from Epica. At its core is a 300-watt motor that allows its blades to cycle at 23,000 RPMs. Thanks to that incredible output, it can process protein drinks and veggie smoothies with ease.

Meanwhile, its 20 oz BPA-free plastic to-go bottle has a heat resistance of up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, its slim shape allows it to fit most cup holders and is easy to carry by hand. It’s made from durable materials and has a two year warranty period.

It’s best for gym-goers and daily commuters who want to chug down some healthy drinks while on the move. It’s plastic components and blades are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To operate this travel blender, you only need to push down the container while it’s locked on the base unit.

Weighing at only 3.39 lbs, the Epica personal blender can easily add it to your luggage without worrying about going over the weight limit when checking in at the airport. However, the cup doesn’t have any measurement markings, making it harder to tell if you’ve reached the max line.

+ A slim bottle makes it easy to carry
+ Fast-moving sharp blades
+ Higher temperature resistance than its rivals
+ Two-year warranty
+ Dishwasher safe and effortless to clean
No measurement markings
Blades stuck when not correctly screwed
Poorly handles ice and frozen ingredients

15.  La Reveuse 300W

La Reveuse 300W

The La Reveuse blender is a budget alternative that gives you what you paid for while throwing in a few extra incentives. Powering this mini blender is a 300-watt motor made from high-quality copper. Its sharp four-pronged blades can spin at 21,500 RPMs and quickly process salad dressings, smoothies, and other cold beverages.

It comes with an 18 oz BPA-free plastic container that has a slim design. Thanks to its thin profile, you can easily hold it in your hand. The sporty bottle also has a tight lid and a to-go spout where you can drink directly without having to unscrew its cover. However, it does not have measurement markings and max lines, which could have guided you on the number of ingredients currently inside it.

The mini blender only weighs 2.5 lbs and has a height of 9.5 inches. Because it is composed of a few components, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. Meanwhile, the cup can hold up to two cups of liquid or roughly more than half a liter.

Moreover, the base motor has rubber suction feet that provide better stability to the unit. It has a warranty period of only a year that does not cover the base motor.

+ Affordable price
+ Lightweight and can fit most cup holders
+ Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
+ BPA-free plastic container
+ Easy to use and operate
Limited warranty period
Not made from durable materials
Dull blade

What is a Portable Blender?

Everyone knows what a blender is and how it can process different types of food and ingredients. However, the concept of a portable blender might not be known to some of our readers.

Simply put, a portable blender is a lightweight blender that’s smaller and more compact than a traditional blender. They can have rechargeable battery, which allows them to blend even when not plugged in an electric outlet. Furthermore, they often have a single-serve container cup where the ingredients are blended.

Most travel blenders are limited to processing soft ingredients into juices, sauces, and smoothies because of their smaller motor.

Benefits of Owning a Small Portable Blender

If you want to live an active and healthy lifestyle, then owning a small portable blender can help you get on track with your fitness goals. Since they are not as bulky as their countertop blender kin, small travel blenders offer advantages unlike no other.

While these small blenders can’t compare to larger models on power, they have tons of benefits that you should look into. Because you can take them as you travel, there wouldn’t be any excuse for you not to take in your daily protein shake or healthy drink.

Below are some of the benefits you can get from owning a small portable blender:

1.   More Economical than Countertop Blenders

You don’t need a powerful blender if you intend to use it primarily to blend soft fruits and vegetables. Moreover, blenders with high power ratings consume a lot of electricity. On the other hand, portable blenders are on the sweet spot of having the right amount of power to do their job without charging an excessive amount.

Get a best portable blender that you can take anywhere is an excellent start to your fitness journey. Most of the mobile blender units have the same warranty period as their larger counterpart. Hence, you won’t have to worry if you get a unit with issues or damaged parts as they can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer.  

2.   You Can Blend Almost Anywhere

The real selling point of portable travel blenders is you can process any ingredient virtually anywhere. Say you are in a farmer’s market, and you can’t wait home to turn the kiwi you just bought into a cold drink. With a portable blender, you can blend any produce right on the spot as long as you have water and preferably some ice cubes.

Portable blenders are also great when you are traveling for a vacation. Just imagine the troubles of bringing your bulky countertop blender as part of your luggage. Portable blenders for travel reduce your burden of carrying heavy baggage and provide you with an accessible healthy drink even when you are on the go.

3.   Saves You Money While Travelling

Buying beverages from a cafe or restaurant can be quite expensive, especially if you’re visiting a famous tourist spot. If you want to save money, you can blend your own cocktail using ingredients you can buy at a nearby market. 

As a tourist, you want to save money from other expenses to allocate more funds for visiting more places or experiencing unique experiences. Owning a portable blender can help you lower the cost you usually spend on drinks or beverages.

4.   Silent and No Spillage

Another great thing about portable blenders is that they don’t produce too much noise, unlike countertop models. Most portable travel blenders, especially those that are battery-operated, have quiet motors. It’s perfect for people who don’t like loud noises while they are blending.

Furthermore, most portable blenders have a very tight lid design that prevents any leaks or spills. They also tend to have a solid base, sometimes with rubber suction feet, that gives them more stability and better resistance to shock.

5.   Usable Even Without Power

Imagine losing power in the area you are staying in, but you are craving a mixed berry smoothie. Your typical countertop blender won’t be up to the task since it directly needs electricity from a power outlet. Fortunately, portable USB blenders use power from its rechargable battery and can be recharged using your power bank. 

Consequently, you can even pack your portable blender during your overnight mountaineering trip. Just make sure to place it inside a waterproof bag to ensure it won’t get wet and damage its internal components.

6.   It’s Trendy and Unique

Almost everyone has a countertop blender in their kitchen, but only a few own a portable blender. In recent years, however, the sales of these gadgets have seen a significant increase. Owning a portable blender is a unique experience and can be a convention starter for people who are also into fitness. 

Portable blenders come in different shapes and designs, with some looking entirely just like an ordinary single-serve cup. If you ever get yourself one, you can surprise people with its functionality and perhaps share its contents with them. 

FAQ on Best Portable Blenders for Travel

Can you put a portable blender in the fridge?

Suppose you can detach the container from the base motor, then yes. However, if the portable blender has electrical components attached to the blending cup, don’t risk putting it in the fridge. The cold and moisture can damage its internal components and ultimately render it useless.

Can you put ice in a portable blender?

You can put ice in your mini blender, especially if it has a powerful motor. However, some underpowered portable blenders may require you to break the ice into smaller pieces to fasten the blending process. Make sure to first check the user manual regarding this issue before trying to crush ice.

How long does it take to charge a portable blender?

It depends on the unit’s battery capacity and the amount of power left on it. For example, a wireless portable blender with a 4000 mAh lithium rechargeable battery usually takes 3-5 hours before it fully charges. The type of charger you are using can also affect the charging speed.

Can you bring a portable blender on a plane?

Yes, you can. However, the portable blender must be put in your checked luggage and not on your hand-carry baggage. As you know, blenders have sharp blades, which can be a security issue for most commercial planes. You can check with the airlines if you have any concerns related to carrying a portable blender.


Portable blenders are great because it provides you with an opportunity to blend anywhere even to places without access to electricity. It’s a great travel companion to tourists, gym-goers, and even daily commuters. You won’t have any excuses to miss out on drinking your healthy juice and protein shakes with this in hand.

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