9 Best Quiet Blender in 2022

Let’s face it. Blenders can be quite noisy and can get you upset, especially when you are blending on a quiet morning. Fortunately, there is no short supply of silent blenders on the market that won’t disturb your calm surroundings. In this article, we will review the best quiet blender in 2021.

Best Quiet Blenders

Our Top Pick


Blendtec Pro 800

This is the best quiet blender because of its sealed sound enclosures that block most of the noise coming from its 1,800 watts motor. It has a 90-oz BPA-free plastic blender container that can hold up to nine cups of drinks. The Blendtec Pro 800’s nine-speed settings provide accurate blend consistencies.

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How To Pick a Quiet Blender?

Choosing which of the best quiet blenders to buy can be quite challenging since there are dozens of blenders on the market. It’s even trickier when you are buying online since you can’t try out the blender and see if it has a tolerable noise. Additionally, only a few manufacturers publish the noisiness of their blenders.

Below are some essential features you should consider when buying a quiet blender.

Noise Level

We can all agree that most blenders can be loud during their operation, which can be irritating to our hearing. Unfortunately, noise always comes with the territory when it comes to powerful blenders.

A couple is one thing you can look for if you want to make sure you’re getting a silent blender. This component minimizes the vibration of the blender, which minimizes the sound it produces.

Motor Power

The motor output is another crucial component of a silent blender. In a broader sense, the more powerful the motor, the more noise it produces. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Powerful blenders that are below 500 watts are considered to be reasonably quiet. Meanwhile, those at 800 watts or above are noisy, but here are a few that defies this generalization. The Vitamix Quiet One blender has a 1,800-watt motor but is relatively silent, thanks to its vibration demeaning technology.

Pitcher Capacity and Material

While the type of pitcher and its material has minimal impact on the blender’s noise, you should also pay close attention to them. If you want to prepare smoothies for a family of four, then consider getting at least a blender with a 32 oz pitcher.

You should also consider the pitcher’s materials, be it plastic or glass jar. If you are going for glass, make sure they are vibration resistant or have a shatterproof jar. Meanwhile, if you go for a plastic pitcher, then it should be BPA-free and doesn’t easily stain. 

Speed Settings

The number of speed options of a blender translates to how accurate you can get the results you want. Hence, you must get a blender with several speed settings to get the blend consistency you want.

This parameter can also affect the amount of noise that a blender produces during its operation. In general, a low-speed setting is quieter than a high-speed setting. The current task also determines the noise in which ice crush is louder than making dips.

Ease of Cleaning

The cleaning process is another critical factor you should consider when buying a blender. Some units have a self-cleaning feature, which involves hitting the pulse button for about 30 seconds while the pitcher is filled with liquid soap and water.

Meanwhile, most blender units have dishwasher safe parts, while there are a few that don’t. To be sure of how you should clean your blender correctly, check the user’s manual for instructions.

Extra Attachments and Warranty

Who doesn’t want free attachments included in their blender or any other kitchen appliances? Some blender brands usually add useful tools such as a tamper or cleaning brush to make the deal more appealing. A blender enclosure is one of the best attachments for silent blenders since it can block most of the machine’s sounds.

Additionally, you should also consider the warranty period for the unit. After all, no one knows if you ever need the blender to be fixed or have one of its components replaced shortly. The best blender on the market is one with a long warranty.

Best Quiet Blenders Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickBlendtec Pro 800 Blendtec Pro 800 Motor Power: 1,800 watts
90 oz jar
Speed Settings:
9 speeds
Read Full Review
Budget PickHamilton Beach Quiet Shield Hamilton Beach Quiet ShieldMotor Power: 1,500 watts
Container: 32 oz jar
Speed Settings: 10 speeds
Read Full Review
Powerful PickVitamix Quiet One Vitamix Quiet OneMotor Power: 1,800 watts
Container: 48 oz jar
Speed Settings: six pre-programmed cycles
Read Full Review
Personal PickHamilton Beach Hamilton Beach 51132Motor Power: 75 watts
Container: 14 oz single-serve cup
Speed Settings: one speed
Read Full Review
Hamilton HBH850 Hamilton Beach HBH850 Motor Power: 850 watts
Container: 64 oz jar
b100 downloadable pre set cycles
Read Full Review
CRANDDI CRANDDIMotor Power: 2,200 watts
Container: 80 oz Tritan jar Settings: 15 speeds
Read Full Review
WantJoin WantJoin Motor Power: 2,200 watts
Container: 80 oz jar
Speed Settings: 10 speeds
Read Full Review
Cuisinart CBT-1500 Cuisinart CBT-1500Motor Power: 1,500 watts
Container: 60 oz
Speed Settings: 5 speeds

Read Full Review
Breville BBL620 Breville BBL620Motor Power: 1,100 watts
Container: 50 oz jar
Speed Settings: 8 speeds
Read Full Review

1. Blendtec Pro 800 (Top Pick)

Blendtec Pro 800

The Blendtec Professional 800 blender is the very definition of a quiet blender. It has a sealed sound enclosure that blocks the clamor coming from its 3.8 horsepower, 1,800 watts motor. This professional-grade blender also doesn’t need any tamper or plunger since it will automatically pull down ingredients towards the blunt blender blades.

Blendtec has also upgraded its high-end blades that are now thicker and more durable without losing its famous edge. The blender has three-speed control, a pulse function, and six preprogrammed cycles. Thanks to this versatility, it can blend anything from dressings, cappuccinos, and smoothies.

This blender comes with a 90 oz BPA-free Wildside jar that has an extra-wide base so the blades can reach more ingredients while blending. Over the control panel is an LCD countdown timer which tells the remaining time of the current cycle.

According to its manufacturer, you can continue a normal conversation while their quietest blender is operating. This statement puts the blender’s noise level at around 65 decibels. The Blendtec Professional 800 is simple to clean and can be safely put in the dishwasher.

+ Features noise-canceling enclosure
+ Powerful blender with sharp blade assembly
+ Large 90 oz BPA-free Wildside jar
+ Numerous preset speed control
+ It has an LCD countdown timer
More expensive than rivals
Short one year warranty period
Prone to leaks.

2. Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield (Budget Pick)

Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield

If you are looking for an affordable silent unit, look further than the Hamilton Beach professional 1500w Quiet Shield. This blender has a removable plastic enclosure that dampens the uproar coming from the machine. Its hardened stainless steel cutlery can reach up to 18,000 RPMs and make short work of even the toughest ingredients.

The metallic silver finish and contrast of black give it a more sophisticated look. At its control panel are four pre-set program settings– pulse, crush, fruit smoothies, and clean. It also has a variable speed dial with ten-speed settings and a pulse next to the start/ stop button.

Meanwhile, its 32 oz BPA free shatterproof jar can prepare four servings of drinks per batch. The manufacturer also threw in a tamper that goes through the lid to help you push down dense ingredients. According to one online reviewer, the Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield blender is around 90 dB loud when blending at different speeds.

The lid, tamper, and plastic blending jug are all dishwasher safe and simple to clean. The pitcher also has a thick handle that gives a comfortable grip. The base is relatively stable thanks to its rubber feet and low profile design. The Hamilton Beach professional 1500w Quiet Shield blender has a five-year limited warranty.

+ Features removable plastic noise enclosure
+ Robust motor base provides high RPM for blades
+ Several speed settings for blend consistency
+ Dishwasher safe plastic components
+ Long five year warranty period
Small 32 0z plastic blender jar
A bit bulky for its size
Sound shield only reduces 5 decibels.

3. Vitamix Quiet One (Powerful Pick)

Vitamix Quiet One

You know a blender is silent as it can be when it’s named “The Quiet One.” This Vitamix on-counter blender uses a magnetically-secured sound cover and a vibration dampening technology that acts as a noise reduction mechanism. Even with a 1,800-watt motor, this blender remains calm as a deep forest.

This high-end Vitamix blender remains very tranquil because its innovative use of gaskets limits the vibrations only to the motor. This design prevents the sound from reaching into any part of the blender. Meanwhile, the magnetized seal reduces the shaking and sound brought by the fast rotating sharp blades.

The Vitamix Quiet One blender uses a 48 oz BPA-free plastic pitcher with a tight cover and a lid where you can insert the pamper. Its control panel features six program buttons paired with six blending programs and a34 beverage production options. The pitcher also has clear max line and measurement markings to guide you on the number of ingredients inside.

Because of its versatility, it remains one of the best commercial blenders for coffee shops, smoothie stores, and other front-of-house stores. Its base is relatively stable, and its other components are made from top-notch materials. This heavy-duty unit has a one-year limited warranty.

+ Vibration dampening technology in motor
+ Professional-grade motor
+ Large plastic blender jug
+ Several speed features
+ Versatile and great for making drinks
Quite bulky
Does not include any extra attachment.

4. Hamilton Beach 51132 (Personal Pick)

Hamilton Beach 51132

Personal travel blenders are quieter than countertop blenders since the former has a smaller motor. The Hamilton Beach 51132 is an affordable lightweight blender that you can take virtually anywhere. Its 75-watt motor is a bit underpowered, but it can do simple blending tasks such as making a smoothie.

This blender comes with a 14-ounce BPA-free plastic cup that can store almost two glasses of any drink or mix. The jar’s slim and ergonomic body allows a comfortable grip while drinking directly from the unit. Its control panel only has a power button that doubles as your pulse function.

Meanwhile, the four-pronged stainless steel blades are quite sharp and can easily process ice. The base is relatively stable thanks to its rubber feet. To remove the container from the base, simply twist it towards your right. There’s also a line indicator that tells you whether the jug is locked or unlocked.

The single-serve cup has a spill-free spout that opens by sliding its cover. This blender is also available in five different colorways: black, red, white, blue, and raspberry. Unfortunately, it has trouble blending smoothies with ice. It has a one-year limited warranty.

+ Lightweight and quality blender
+ It doesn’t make any racket when blending
+ Available in different color schemes
+ Easy to store and requires less cleaning
+ Very affordable
Can’t crush smoothies with ice
Underwhelming motor output
A short operating time before it overheats.

5. Hamilton Beach HBH850

Hamilton HBH850

Aside from personal blenders, Hamilton Beach is also known for producing top-notch commercial blenders. The Hamilton Beach HBH650 is its flagship product in this category with its sturdy three horsepower motor. It uses a detachable sound shield to reduce the clatter of the blender.

The blender has a 64 oz polycarbonate pitcher with a low profile design for easy storage. Additionally, users can opt for the auto blend program, which optimizes the blending speed and cycle time that best fits the processed ingredients. This feature is quite useful as it removes much of the guesswork while providing significant blend consistencies.

It’s control panel houses a dozen one-touch buttons and a digital display that does more than just tell you the remaining time of a blend cycle. According to its manufacturer, this blender stores up to 100 preset cycles. It also has a USB port where you can insert your flash drive, and import customized blending cycles.

If you want to reduce the clamor further, you can also remove the lower housing, which will lower the blender’s profile. This feature works great when working on sound-absorbing surfaces such as a counter. The brand’s quietest blender also has dual fans that keep the motor cool and thus extend its allowable operating time.

+ Downloadable preset blender cycles
+ Features jar pad sensor prevents wear and tear
+ Professional-grade motor
+ Large stackable 64 oz jug
+ Doesn’t overheat fast
The pitcher is prone to leaks
Hard to clean.



If you need more power in a blender for home use, then the CRANDDI blender suits you well. This professional blender has a 2,200-watt motor, which can easily crush ice into powdered snow in just seconds. It also has a sound shield that significantly reduces the noise levels it produces.

This commercial blender comes with an 80 oz BPA-free Tritan Jar that can blend up to eight glasses of smoothies and other cold beverages. The pitcher also has clear max line and measurement markings, which can tell you the number of ingredients inside. Unlike others, this one uses six-pronged stainless steel blades that cut more ingredients faster than 38,000 RPM.

The control panel gives you access to 15-speed options and a pulse function great for making smoothies. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, especially when pouring the contents of the blender. Meanwhile, the base is quite sturdy, and its rubber feet are also a noise reduction aid. 

There is also a feeding port on top of the lid where you can easily insert the tamper. Moreover, this blender has an overheating detection, which alarms you when the blender’s motor has reached a high temperature. This product has a limited one year warranty period.

+ The brawny motor provides high RPM
+ Sharp six-pronged stainless steel blades
+ Overheating detection safety feature
+ Multiple speed settings
+ Features an accessible feeding port
Expensive and ships longer
Hard to clean
Unremovable sound shield.

7. WantJoin


One of the best quiet blenders you should consider is this standout from WantJoin. It has a professional-grade 2,200-watt motor whose sounds are tamed using a Shield Quiet sound enclosure. This affordable commercial blender is perfect for smoothie shops and diners offering in-house drinks.

The key to keeping the blender as quiet as possible is noise-canceling features such as a buffer platform, stabilizing base, and a shockproof pad. Its control panel features a timing knob, which gives you access to 10 variable speed settings.

This blender has a thick 80 oz BPA-free plastic jar that can hold up to eight glasses of cold drinks or sauces. Meanwhile, its dual-direction stainless steel blades are quite sharp and can process even the toughest ingredients. According to the company, its blades can spin up to 38,000 RPM.

Meanwhile, this machine has to overheat protection, which detects if the motor has reached a specific temperature before shutting it down. The unit also has a self-cleaning feature, and most of its plastic components are dishwasher safe. This heavy-duty unit has a short two-year limited warranty and is perfect for home use.

+ The brawny motor provides high RPM
+ Shield Quiet enclosure limits sound
+ Self-cleaning features
+ Numerous speed settings
+ Overheating detection safety feature
Quite bulky
Short two-year warranty
Poor customer service,

8. Cuisinart CBT-1500

Cuisinart CBT-1500

Nicknamed by its manufacturer as the Hurricane, this 1500w quiet shield blender lives up to its name. It can efficiently process any type of ingredients in a breeze. While its fast-rotating blades certainly pack a typhoon, it’s surprisingly quiet, like the calm before any storm. 

The blender has a double housing design that significantly reduces all the noise it produces without a sound enclosure. It’s large 60 oz BPA-free plastic jar has a soft handle that provides a solid grip. The pitcher also has clear max line and measurement markings that can guide you on the amount of food inside.

It’s control panel houses three-speed settings and pre-programmed functions for ice crush and making smoothies. Additionally, it also has an LCD, which shows the countdown timer of the current blending cycle.

This 1500w quiet shield blender has a relatively stable base that reduces most of the vibrations. The machine also has a load sensing feature that optimizes blending settings based on the number of ingredients inside. Moreover, Its top cover has a top lid where you can insert the tamper. This product has a limited three-year warranty.

+ The sturdy motor allows versatile blending functions
+ Large 60 oz pitcher with a soft handle
+ Load sensing technology for optimized blending
+ LCD countdown timer
+ Clear measurement markings and max line
Quite bulky and not very portable
Blades can’t be removed from the container
Complicated to clean.

9. Breville BBL620

Breville BBL620

The Breville BBL620 is the quietest blender that doesn’t have a sound shield. This blender has a brawny 1,100-watt motor and surgical stainless steel blades. Its blades can spin up to 225 miles per hour and can process all sorts of ingredients.

The blender’s black body and red accents add to its overall appeal. Its low profile 50 oz BPA-free Tritan jar is big enough to prepare eight glasses of healthy drinks and other cold beverages. The blender’s handle is sturdy and gives a comfortable grip, unlike others.

Its control panel has five-speed settings and three programmed options for processing green smoothies, shakes, crushed ice, and other frozen ingredients. It has an LCD and timer that tells the remaining time before the current cycle ends. As an added safety feature, you can only begin to use the unit once you see the red light indicator.

Breville also included a tamper, which you can use to push frozen ingredients downward to the blades. Additionally, they threw in two recipe books where you can also get some cooking inspirations. However, its main disadvantage is its short cord of only 16-inches. This blender has a one-year limited warranty.

+ Sleek juice blender facade
+ Fast spinning, sharp blades
+ Includes a tamper and two recipe books
+ Robust motor with safety features
+ Large 50 oz Tritan blending jar
Short power cord
One year limited warranty
Mediocre customer reviews.

Power VS Noise

Generally speaking, the higher the motor power of a blender, the noisier the unit, especially when blending at its highest speed setting. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, as demonstrated by some blender models on our list.

Another factor contributing to the noise produced by a blender is the ingredients that are being processed. Blending a frozen fruit is louder than processing a fresh one.

Take note that sounds that are above 85 decibels are considered noisy and potentially harmful to your eardrums. A straightforward solution to this problem is to wear earplugs when your blender is quite loud.

5 Ways of Making your Blender Quieter

If you can’t tolerate the noise coming from your loud blender, worry not, as there are a few simple ways you can alleviate the situation. While there are a few things you can do about the blender, there are some things you can do about how it is set up.

Below are some of the options you can do to reduce blender sounds:

1. Place a towel or rubber mat under the blender

Decouplers are one of the components that can lessen the clamor of a blender. If your machine doesn’t have one, you can use a towel or rubber mat and place it under the blender. It will absorb some of the sound and vibration that would have gone to the countertop surface.

2. Buy a sound enclosure

Some manufacturers sell sound enclosure boxes or covers that trap most of the noise coming from the blender. For example, the Vitamix Complete Cover encloses much of the pitcher and the base of the blender.

3. Soundproof part of the kitchen wall

If your blender sits in a specific spot on your countertop, consider putting soundproof foam tiles on the nearby walls. You can use double-sided tape strips to hold them in place. This step will help absorb some of the noise that echoes through the walls.

4. Reposition Your Blender

The simplest way to reduce blender noise simply to move it to a more open spot. Sounds bounce off walls and can easily amplify the noise. Try finding a space in the middle of the counter.

5. Invest in a Silent Blender

If your current blender is simply too loud, consider investing in one of the best quiet blenders. Our list is a good starting point to narrow down the best choices for you. If you don’t need a powerful blender most of the time, you can also.

A smiling woman sipping at her favorite smoothie blended using the best quiet blender

FAQs on Best Quiet Blender

Why are blenders so loud?

Machines that require their components (gears, motor, fans, bearings) to run at high speed produces noise because of vibrations. Some blender manufacturers tend to lessen the components to save money by running the motor iron harder, which also produces more noise because of ball bearings clashing to one another.

Are Ninja blenders quiet?

Ninja blenders are known for their powerful motor and large pitcher size. Unfortunately, they are not known for being quiet. On average, their blenders’ noise range anywhere between 70 to 90 decibels. It depends on the model and the ingredient you are blending. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce noise, like sound enclosure attachments.

Is the Vitamix blender loud?

The Majority of Vitamix blenders ran quietly and well within the acceptable sound range. However, some of their noisier models can reach 80 decibels when blending at different speeds and processing hard ingredients. Their quietest blender model, the Vitamix 750, is said to produce 40 percent less noise than their other products.

Why is my Blendtec so loud?

Blendtec’s are quite famous for their massive motor that ranges anywhere between 3 to 3.8 horsepower. This output allows the blades of their blenders to spin incredibly fast, but it sure will produce more noise. The Blendtec Total blender, for example, can register up to 94 decibels of the noise level.


The best quiet blenders can give you the peace of mind you deserve while blending your favorite drinks or recipe. Moreover, they can also allow you to converse with someone or listen to music uninterrupted by any noise coming from the machine.

Overall, the best quiet blenders allow you to focus on the task at hand and give you the best blending experience.

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