What Can You Make With a Vitamix Blender?

spinach and banana in a blender

If you’re looking for a high-powered blender that can handle just about anything you throw at it, the Vitamix is a perfect choice. So, what can a Vitamix do? This top-of-the-line appliance can make everything from smoothies to soups to sauces, and much more. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what Vitamix can do, and show you some recipes that will help you get started.

Key Takeaway
  • You can make smoothies, soups, dips & sauces, baby food, grains, coffee, nut butter, baked goods, non-dairy milk, and much more on a Vitamix blender.
  • This versatile kitchen blender can also be used to chop vegetables or grind nuts. The key is to use the right blade and settings.
  • Not only does Vitamix make it easy to create healthy meals, but it can also save you time in the kitchen.

A Vitamix Blender is a Powerful Machine That Can Handle a Variety of Recipes

 blueberries and strawberries in a blender

A Vitamix blender is a powerful machine that can create multiple recipes. From smoothies and soups to nut butter and baby food, a Vitamix can handle it all. The secret to Vitamix’s versatility is its high-powered motor and sharp blades. The motor is able to generate enough power to pulverize even the toughest ingredients, while the blades are able to chop through ice and other hard items with ease. As a result, the Vitamix can create smooth and creamy textures that other blenders simply cannot match.

You will find many types of Vitamix blenders in the market today. You can choose one that suits your needs. And with the ability to adjust the speed and settings, you can create whatever consistency you like. Plus, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the self-cleaning function. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, a Vitamix blender is a versatile machine that will come in handy time and again.

What Can You Make With a Vitamix Blender?

vitamix food processor

A Vitamix 5200 review or some other model reviews tell us these machines are versatile kitchen appliances that can be used to make different recipes. With its powerful motor and variable speed settings, a Vitamix blender can easily handle any blending task, from chopping vegetables to pureeing the soup. In addition, Vitamix’s unique blade design means that it can also be used for tasks such as grinding coffee beans or making nut butter. As a result, a Vitamix blender is an essential tool for any home cook who likes to experiment with new recipes.

Here are just a few of the many things that you can make with a Vitamix blender:

Smoothies & Juices

A Vitamix blender is perfect for making smoothies and juices, as it can easily crush ice and frozen fruits. For making a smoothie, add your favorite fruits and vegetables to the blender, along with some ice and water. Then, simply blend on high until you reach the desired consistency. You can also add yogurt, milk, or some protein powder to your smoothie as well as dry fruits (almonds, nuts, chia seeds) for an extra boost.


Making soup with Vitamix blender is quite easy. A Vitamix blender can be used to make both hot and cold soups. For hot soups, simply blend the ingredients on high until they are desired consistency. For cold soups, blend on low until smooth and then refrigerate for several hours.

In addition, for a creamy soup, simply place cooked vegetables or beans into the blender along with some broth or water and blend until smooth. To make a thicker soup, such as chowder, add cooked potatoes or rice to the mix.

Dips & Sauces

A Vitamix blender is ideal for creating dips and sauces, as it can quickly and evenly blend all of the ingredients together. Simply add all of your ingredients (such as herbs, spices, olive oil, etc.) to the blender and then blend on low until smooth.

Baby Food

A Vitamix blender is a perfect tool for making homemade baby food. Simply add your cooked fruits or vegetables to the blender, along with some water or breast milk, and blend on high until smooth. You can also add breast milk or formula to make a thicker consistency.


A Vitamix blender can be used to grind grains into flour, making it a perfect tool for baking. Simply add the desired amount of grains to the blender and blend on low until they are ground into flour.


A Vitamix blender can be used to grind coffee beans, making it a great tool for coffee lovers. Simply add the desired amount of beans to the blender and blend on low until they are ground into powder.

Nut Butter

A Vitamix blender is a perfect tool for making nut butter. Simply add your desired nuts to the blender and blend on high until they are broken down into butter. You can also add a little oil to help create a smoother consistency.

Baked Goods

Believe it or not, you can use a Vitamix blender to make baked goods such as cakes, pies, and bread. Simply add all of the ingredients to the blender and mix on low until well combined. Then, pour the batter into the appropriate baking dish and bake as usual.

Non-Dairy Milk

Additionally, Vitamix can be used to create non-dairy milk alternatives like almond or cashew milk.

Frozen Desserts

Craving ice cream or frozen yogurt? A Vitamix can easily churn milk, cream, and fruit into a thick, creamy treat. Just add your ingredients to the blender and let it run until the desired consistency is achieved. For an extra-smooth texture, you can also add ice cubes to the mix.

Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home is a fun summer activity that the whole family can enjoy. And with a high-powered blender like a Vitamix, it’s easier than ever to whip up a batch of your favorite flavor. Simply combine your desired ingredients in the blender and blend on high until smooth. Then pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dough, ice cream, butter, hot soup made from Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix E320

In just a few hours, you’ll have homemade ice cream that’s richer and creamier than anything you could buy at the store. Drizzle some maple syrup over ice cream and enjoy it!

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making recipes with a Vitamix blender. So get creative in the kitchen and see what culinary creations you can come up with!

Some Delicious Recipes That You Can Try Using Your Vitamix Blender:  

Here are just a few of the many Vitamix recipes:

Green Smoothie 

green apple smoothie beside of two clear glass jars

A green smoothie is a drink made by blending fruits and vegetables together. The most common ingredients in a green smoothie are spinach, kale, and cucumber, but you can also add in other leafy greens like chard or collard greens. For the fruits, most people use apples or bananas, but you can really use any type of fruit that you like.

If you want to make a green smoothie with a Vitamix blender, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Start by adding your leafy greens into the blender. If you’re using spinach or kale, you’ll want to use about 2 cups worth. If you’re using other greens like chard or collard greens, start with 1 cup.
  • Add in your frozen fruit. This can be any type of fruit that you like, but apples and bananas are the most common. If you’re using apples, start with 2 small apples or 1 large apple. If you’re using bananas, start with 1-2 bananas depending on their size.
  • Fill the rest of the blender up with water. You’ll want to use enough water so that everything will blend together easily, but not so much that your smoothie is too thin. Start with 2 cups of water and add more if needed.
  • Blend everything together until it’s smooth. Depending on your Vitamix blender, this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Add some drops of lime juice and serve immediately or store in the fridge for later. If you’re going to drink your smoothie right away, enjoy it as it is or add some ice cubes to further chill it down. If you’re storing your smoothie for later, pour it into an airtight container and it will last in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Vegetable Soup 

Vegetable SoupĀ 

To make your vegetable soup or sweet potato soup, you will need to simmer your vegetables. This can be done by boiling them in water or by steaming them. If you are using a Vitamix blender, you can use the steaming function to simmer your vegetables. The steaming function will cook your vegetables evenly and quickly, without adding any extra fat or calories. Once your vegetables are cooked, add them to the Vitamix blender along with enough broth or water to cover them.

Now it’s time to blend your vegetables for the soup. Start by setting the Vitamix blender to “soup” mode. This mode will automatically cook and blend your soup ingredients together. If you prefer, you can also use the “smoothie” or “puree” settings.

Once you have selected your desired setting, press the “start” button and let the Vitamix blender do its job. In just a few minutes, you will have a delicious and healthy soup that is ready to eat! Be sure to add any additional seasonings or toppings that you enjoy. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Tomato Sauce 

homemade tomato sauce

Making tomato sauce is a lot easier than you might think – and with a Vitamix blender, it’s even easier. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, start by peeling and chopping your tomatoes. You can use any type of tomato for this recipe, but we recommend using Roma tomatoes for their smoother texture. Once your tomatoes are peeled and chopped, add them to the Vitamix along with some garlic, onion, and oregano. If you want a thinner sauce, you can also add some water at this point.
  • Next, turn on the Vitamix and blend until the sauce reaches your desired consistency. If you want a smoother sauce, blend for longer. For a chunkier sauce, blend for less time.
  • Once the sauce is blended to your liking, taste it and adjust the seasoning as necessary. Then, transfer the sauce to a pot or slow cooker and let it simmer for at least an hour to allow the flavors to meld together.

Chocolate Milkshake 

Making a chocolate milkshake in a Vitamix blender is easy! Simply add milk, chocolate ice cream, cocoa powder, and chocolate syrup to the blender and blend until smooth. If you want your shake to be extra chocolatey, try adding a handful of chocolate chips or a shot of espresso. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Banana Ice Cream

banana ireamce c

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can make delicious ice cream. Making banana ice cream in a Vitamix blender is incredibly easy and only requires a few simple ingredients.

  • First, ripe bananas are cut into chunks and frozen.
  • Once frozen, the bananas are added to the Vitamix along with milk (coconut milk, almond milk) almond butter, honey, and vanilla extract.
  • The ingredients are then blended on high until smooth and creamy.
  • For a more indulgent treat, chocolate chips or chopped nuts can be added before blending.

This recipe is a great way to use up ripe bananas and create a healthy and delicious dessert. Best of all, it can be made in just minutes using a Vitamix blender.

You Can Also Use Vitamix To Chop Vegetables or Grind Nuts

vegetables that can be chopped using vitamix blenders

Vitamix blenders are not just for smoothies and soups. This versatile kitchen appliance can also be used to chop vegetables or grind nuts. The key is to use the right blade and settings.

Chopping Vegetables

For chopping, use the Vitamix dry blades on a low setting. Start with coarsely chopped veggies, like carrots or celery, and gradually increase the speed until they’re finely chopped.

If you’re using harder veggies, like sweet potatoes, you may need to stop the machine and stir occasionally to prevent them from getting stuck.

Grinding Nuts

For grinding nuts, use the Vitamix wet blades on a high setting. Add your nuts to the blender, along with a little liquid (water or milk works well) to help them grind evenly.

Start slow and increase the speed until you’ve achieved the desired consistency. With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at all the things you can make with your Vitamix!

How To Use Vitamix As a Food Processor

vitamix as a food processor

A Vitamix can be a great tool for anyone who loves to cook. Not only does it make it easy to create healthy meals, but it can also save you time in the kitchen. Here are some tips on how to use Vitamix as a food processor:

Select The Right Container

First, you’ll need to select the right container for your needs. The 32-ounce container is perfect for most tasks, but you may want to choose a larger container if you’re processing large quantities of food.

Choose The Appropriate Blade

Next, you’ll need to choose the appropriate blade for your task. The “S” blade is ideal for chopping and pureeing, while the “D” blade is better for slicing and dicing.

Add Your Ingredients

Once you’ve selected the right container and blade, it’s time to add your ingredients. For best results, add them in batches so that they’re evenly processed. Start with the softer ingredients first and then add the harder ones.

Turn On The Machine

Finally, once all of your ingredients are in the Vitamix, turn it on and let it run until everything is smoothly processed. You may need to stop the machine occasionally to scrape down the sides, but otherwise, just let it run until everything is nicely chopped or pureed.

With these tips in mind, using your Vitamix as a food processor will be a breeze!

Vitamix Blender Comes With a Variety Of Blades That Make It Easy To Create Different Textures

vitamix blade design & quality

The Vitamix blender comes with a variety of different blades that make it easy to create different textures.

Flat Blade

The first blade is the flat blade, which is great for creating smooth, creamy textures.

Serrated Blade

The second blade is the serrated blade, which is perfect for chopping and grinding ingredients.

Razor-Sharp Blade

The third blade is the razor-sharp blade, which is ideal for slicing and dicing.

Dough Blade

Finally, the fourth blade is the dough blade, which is perfect for kneading and shaping the dough.

With these four different blades, the Vitamix blender can easily create any texture you desire.

Final Word:

You can make a variety of things using a Vitamix blender. From soups to smoothies, chopping vegetables to grinding nuts, the possibilities are endless. With the right blade and settings, you can create any texture you desire. So get creative in the kitchen and see what delicious meals you can make with this versatile appliance.

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