Blendtec Classic Fit Blender Review


Blendtec Classic Fit Blender features a sturdy build, along with a FourSide Jar. It comes with a 1560 Watts motor ,pre-programmed settings, self-cleaning features and great quality blades. It is RECOMMENDED for all smoothie lovers.





Blendtec Classic Fit Blender is a feature-rich commercial-grade blender. Irrespective of whether you’re making smoothies or a cocktail, the 75 oz volume jar would suffice. It features a compact design along with a precision pulse button and programmed cycles.

In this Blendtec fit review, we will explain why you should make this your BEST purchase.

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender Overview

Blendtec was founded by Tom Dickson, who is a revolutionary entrepreneur that made numerous innovations when it comes to blenders. Primarily based in Utah, Blendtec has been up and running since early 1975. It is home to both residential and commercial-grade blenders.

Key Features of the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

In our Blendtec Classic Fit review, we have thoroughly inspected and reviewed each feature starting from the jar volume, motor performance, the quality of blades, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of all the features you shall be receiving with the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender.

Container Size

The overall dimensions of the blender are 8 x 7 x 15 inches. It features a four-sided jar, with a total holding volume of 75 oz, which is sufficient to make smoothies or soup.

The four-sided jar is made up of Tritan Copolyester material, making it sturdy and resistant to heat. Besides, it is also BPA-free (Bisphenol A). Blendtec implements four-sided jars for one primary reason: to ensure all of the ingredients reach the blades, and nothing gets left out.

To top it off, the clear plastic lid on top makes it easier to add further ingredients, along with serving as a means to vent hot recipes such as soups. To prevent any spills or falls, it is equipped with flexible rubber lids, making it safe for day to day usage.

Power & Motor Performance

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender is packed with a powerful 3 peak horsepower, 1560 watts motor, making it a commercial-grade blender for personal usage.

Due to the immense power, it operates at much higher speeds. This means it will take relatively less time to make smoothies, grinding grains and nuts, or making soup. Moreover, It can efficiently handle challenging blending tasks, such as grinding iced ingredients.

For the protection and safety of the motor, the base is made with a polycarbonate material. Not only does it protects it against liquids, but it also lowers the vibration to reduce the overall noise of the blender.

Considering the power output of the 1560 watts motor, it can heat up pretty easily. To overcome this problem, Blendtec Classic Fit Blender features a venting system in the base. This provides sufficient airflow in the base to keep the motor cool even in tough scenarios.

In addition it comes with a pre-built circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the blender in case of any surges in the power input.

Ice cream made with Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

Quality of The Blades

The Blendtec Classic fit blender features a 3-inch stainless-steel blade. The stainless-steel blades are intended to last longer as it  is prone to rust.


Blendtec Classic Fit Blender features a self-cleaning functionality with the tap of a single button. The self-cleanup button is essentially a pre-programmed operation that washer the jar within seconds –thus giving you one less thing to worry about.


Whether you’re making smoothies, blending frozen ingredients, pureeing, chopping, or grinding,  the stainless-steel blade, backed by the robust 1560 watts motor, would not disappoint you.

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender features pre-programmed settings using a one-touch timed cycle, making it easier for frequent usage. The pre-programmed settings include a 30-second cycle, +10 seconds, along with a high pulse and low pulse option.

Pros and Cons

Going through hundreds of reviews, the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender has a whopping 87% of positive reviews. Although there were some negative reviews, including the lack of manual control, the positive reviews outweigh the negatives.

+ Powerful 1560 watts motor
+ FourSide Jar pushes food towards the blade –thus providing efficient results
+ Durable build quality, including a stainless-steel blade and an overall plastic build
+ 2-year warranty
+ Pre-programmed settings
Lacks manual speed control.

Technical Specification

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Blendtec
  • Item Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 15 inches
  • Wattage: 1560 Watts
  • Motor: 3 Horsepower
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel           
  • Capacity: 75 oz
  • Warranty: 2-year

FAQ on Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

How long will the Blendtec Classic Fit blender last?

Blendtec has been used for years by professionals in different coffee shops, bars, and eateries because of their sturdy and durable build. It features a powerful motor, which is more than enough for different blending tasks.
Although it is unlikely that you’ll run into any problems, it comes with a 2-year warranty to save you from any troubles in case you do.

Are all Blendtec jars compatible?

Yes, all of the Blendtec jars are compatible with the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender considering the fact that they’re equipped with the same patented wingtip blade.

Can the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender replace a food processor?

Although it is primarily intended for making smoothies and grinding, it is equipped with a pre-programmed pulse feature. The pulse feature allows you to chop, which essentially replaces a food processor.

Can the Blendtec Classic Fit hold hot liquid?

Yes, it can hold hot liquids. All Blendtec jars are designed to withstand a temperature of up to 176 degrees F. However, when blending hot liquids the temperature might rise further. It is advised to not add ingredients over 115 degrees F. Moreover, make sure not to add boiling water as well because it could damage the jar.

What is the difference between Blendtec WildSide vs FourSide?

The WildSide Jar features a wide base with an added fifth side, in addition to the square shape. It features a 4-inch stainless steel blade. Due to the wide design, it can blend frozen ingredients and large recipes more efficiently.
The Four Side Jar features a square shape resulting in more friction as compared to the round jars. It features a 3-inch stainless steel blade. It is also more efficient in blending, dry grinding, making smaller smoothies and can heat up soups and other hot liquids faster than the WildSide jar.

Our Verdict: Recommended!

From our Blendtec fit review, we strongly recommend the Blendtec Classic Fit Blender, specifically for weight loss goals. It is packed with a powerful motor that can be used for different purposes. Whether you’re making a smoothie, grinding frozen ingredients, or chopping, it will not leave you stranded. The sturdy build and durable construction is another factor that makes it a must buy.

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