Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ Blender Review


Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ is a multifunctional blender with an automatic blending feature. It’s powerful motor and sharp blades can process any food in seconds. The 24 oz and 18 oz cups are also quite portable and have spill-free lids. A must buy for smoothie and green drink lovers.





Blenders can be time-consuming, especially when you are doing all the food processing manually. The Nutri Ninja BL480 eases this burden by using an automated blending system called Auto iQ. 

In this Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ Review, we will break down this item and determine if it’s the right portable blender for people who are always on the go.  

Ninja BL480 Auto iQ Blender Overview

Nutri Ninja is a line of blender and food processor products that cater to health-conscious individuals. It’s manufactured by SharkNinja Operating LLC, whose headquarters is located in Needham, Massachusetts. 

The Ninja brand has a unique four-pronged stainless steel blade that allows it to blend faster and efficiently. They are also known for their rugged yet affordable mid-range blenders that are excellent for preparing smoothies and other cold drinks. 

Key Features of Ninja BL480 Auto iQ Blender

Container Size

The Ninja BL480 comes with two plastic containers– a regular 24 oz and a smaller 18 oz; both are BPA-free. It can process two to three glasses of liQuid at a time. The cups also come with sip and seal lids that allow them to be carried anywhere without spilling. 

Both cups also have MAX fill line and markings to tell you the volume of food currently inside the container. They are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Additionally, the container cups’ simple design does not have any crevices, which means food won’t get stuck in it after blending.  

Power and Motor Performance

Many Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ review online noted this blender’s powerful motor. Rated at 1,000 watts, it allows the blades to spin at 21,000 RPM. Thanks to this output, it can easily blend anything from hard to soft ingredients. 

As one would expect with a blender of this caliber, it can be quite noisy. However, some of the blender’s drive gear parts are made of plastic and rubber instead of steel. These materials can affect the durability of the motor, mostly when misused. 

A lady using the Ninja BL480D Auto iQ to blend vegetables and fruits


The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ uses a sharp four-pronged, stainless steel blade to cut and process most ingredients. The blades are also nicely angled to optimize the blending process. Meanwhile, the post and bladed disc below the blades are made of nylon and plastic. 

The edges of the Pro Abstractor Blades are also rustproof and dishwasher safe. As they spin, they efficiently create a vortex that quickly sucks all the ingredients towards the bottom center. Thanks to this feature, it can turn cubed ice into powdered snow in a matter of seconds. 

Program and Speed Settings

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ has two pre-programmed settings, namely iQ Blend and iQ Ultra Blend. Pressing the Blend button will set the machine to blend for 45 seconds and is best used to make smoothies. Meanwhile, the Ultra Blend button will select the blender to process for 60 seconds. The latter can be used to blend hard ingredients and make ice cream. 

The base control panel also has a digital timer display that tells you how much time is left before the current blending process will be over. If you want to blend what’s in the container manually, you can also use the pulse button. 

Meanwhile, you can also use the Start/ Stop function for continuous blending operation that lasts up to about a minute once you push down the button. Pushing it again before that time expires will stop the process. 


Washing the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ is relatively easy. After using it to blend thick ingredients, soak the blades in lukewarm water and soap immediately. Then, use clean water to rinse it off. The containers and the blade assembly are also dishwasher safe. 

 If need be, you can also dismantle the blade to properly clean any dirt built up between the plastic cap addendum and the blade. However, doing so can risk cutting your hands with its sharp edges. For added protection, you can wear filleting gloves. 

It would help if you also used an awl or dull knife to remove the blade away from its plastic cap. Another challenging task is getting the o-ring seal out of its place.


The Nutri Ninja BL480 is quite a versatile blender in terms of the number of tasks it can perform. It can make short work of any soft and leafy vegetables and turn them into a salsa. The blender can chop vegetables using its iQ Blend program or puree food via its iQ Ultra Blend. 

Additionally, it can make sumptuous frozen desserts thanks to its ability to crush ice. For convenience, you can also use any of the two pre-programmed settings to do this job while you wait. However, the machine is not intended for grinding or milling since it only comes with one set of blades. 

Overall, the Nutri Ninja BL480 is considered one of the best personal blender among all Ninja blender reviews that we did. Its automated function and portability made it a must-buy for any health-conscious individual and home cooks. 

Pros and Cons

+ Automatically blends food at optimal settings
+ Two portable containers with a lid included
+ Great blend consistency
+ Quieter than most blenders
+ Comes with an auto-shutoff feature
Not meant to handle hot liquids
Shaky base when blending at high speeds
Short warranty period

Technical Information

  • Motor: 1.3 peak horsepower
  • Electrical Ratings: 1000 watts, 110 volts
  • Program Settings: Two speeds– Blend and Ultra Blend
  • Other Features: Auto IQ
  • Dimensions: 15.5” x 6.0” x 6”
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Capacity: 24 oz, 18 oz cups
  • Colors: Black and Silver
  • Warranty: One year

FAQ on Nutri Ninja BL480

What is the Auto iQ Function in the Nutri Ninja BL480?

The Auto iQ technology is an automatic blending feature that chooses the optimal blending speed for the ingredients currently placed on the container. Aside from keeping your hands free during the blending process, it also helps keep the ingredients’ blending consistency inside. 

How do you use the Auto iQ function?

After putting all the ingredients on the container and shutting the lid, you have to lock it on the base. After this, you can choose between the two-speed settings and wait for the timer to expire. The machine will take care of the best speed setting for the job, leaving you about a minute of free time.  

Can the Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ as a food processor?

The Ninja BL480 can perform some tasks that are mostly done by food processors such as crushing ice. However, because it’s not entirely a food processor, the blender may fail at some tasks such as juicing. However, it can give you a “whole juice” or smoothie drink. 

How do you clean the Nutri Ninja BL480?

Cleaning the container of this blender can be done by hands or using a dishwasher. You only need water and some soap to clean the cups and blades. As for cleaning the base, you can wipe its surface with a slightly damp cloth. 

Our Verdict: Recommended!

As we cap this Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto iQ review, we indeed have learned a lot about this mid-range blender. Aside from being affordable, the product also has some useful features that can free up some of your valuable time. 

If you are someone who wants blending consistency in your smoothies and drinks, this blender is a must buy. It can also perform several food preps and can help you cook great meals for your family. 

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