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The Oster Versa is a powerful blending machine that boasts a 1400w motor and a 64oz shatter-resistant jar. The unit comes with a 7-year limited warranty and two colorful cookbooks that contain delicious recipes for smoothies, soup, spreads, and everything in between.





The Oster Versa is a high-performance unit that can carry out simple and complex blending tasks with ease. The unit stands out from the crowd because it is versatile and can make everything from soup to smoothies with relative ease. Even more, the blender has pre-programmed settings that take the guesswork out of the blending process.

Oster Versa 1400 Overview

Oster is a mega blender brand that has been around since the mid-40s. They were able to transition from a company brand into an international brand because they make high-quality products that are easy to use.

They have a huge base of loyal customers who swear by their products. The baseline unit and high-end units are flying off the shelves because they are affordable and can deliver amazing results.

In this guide, we are going to be taking a close look at the features and specifications of one of the flagship units offered by this amazing brand.

Key Features of the Oster Versa 1400

Container size

The Oster versa 1400 features a 64oz blending jar made from BPA-free plastic.

Just like the pitcher that comes with the unit in the Oster Versa pro series, the blender jar that comes with this blender is shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe.

If you have a large family and have to make a few servings of green smoothies, hot soup, you will surely love this unit. The tall jar that comes with this Versa blender can make up to 6 cups of delicious treats at a go.

The plastic lid cap that comes with the unit can serve as a measuring cup. It may also come in handy when you are making smoothies and shakes.

Users who don’t have a dishwasher won’t find it difficult to clean the blender jar because it can be cleaned manually without any hassle. All you need to do is to fill the large blender container with warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, and blend for a few minutes.

A lady pouring out smoothie from Oster Versa 1400 blender jar

Power and motor performance

The Oster Versa 1400 is regarded by many as a high-powered blender that can compete with Blendtec and Vita-mix blender units when it comes to performance.

This powerful blender features a 1400 watt motor made from high-quality materials. This makes it perfect for preparing hot soups, crushing ice, and frozen fruit.

This unit is also great for making smoothies, frozen drinks, spreads, and baby food. Note that this versa blender performs the basic functions of a food processor effortlessly.

As you will expect from one of the best Oster blenders from the Oster Versa pro series, this blender has special sensors that protect it from overload and overheating.

The base of this unit has rubberized feet that prevent it from moving around your counter space.


The Oster Versa blending power and efficiency of this unit is very impressive, especially when compared to units from other brands. The reason why it stands out is that it has a high-performance blade assembly and motor. The stainless steel blade and the motor work hand in hand to crush ice, heat up soup, and carry out other heavy-duty blending tasks.

The blade speed, design, thickness, and durability are surely going to amaze you.

Since the blade in the Oster Versa Performance blender is made from stainless steel, you can be confident that it won’t break during a blending operation.

Cleaning the blender is relatively easy, as it is dishwasher safe.

So, if you are looking for a versatile unit with sturdy blades, you should opt for this unit or any of the blenders in the Oster versa pro series.

Programs and speed settings

This blender is regarded by many as the best unit from the Oster Versa pro series because it offers a wide room for versatility.

This blender has 8 variable speed settings. The high-speed settings are great for making smoothies and frozen drinks. The low speed, on the other hand, is perfect for chopping ingredients.

The unit also has three pre-programmed settings (smoothies, soup, dips/spreads) that can help users achieve their desired consistency at the touch of a button.

So if you want to make smoothies, for example, all you need to do is to load your ingredients and touch the smoothie setting preset.

On the control panel of this Oster versa blender pro, you will find a variable speed dial, a pulse button, and 3 preset buttons.

Before using any of the speed settings or presets, it is wise that you first place the blender on a stable surface. You can go the extra mile by clearing your counter space.


Cleaning the Oster versa 1400 is like a walk in the park.

Since the jars and blades are dishwasher safe, users can put them in a dishwasher after each use. Alternatively, they can wash them manually with dish soap and warm water.

The base unit of the blender isn’t dishwasher safe and should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove spills and dirt build-up.

Pros and Cons

After doing extensive research, we found some reviews of users who had positive things to say about this blender.

+ The motor power is quite impressive
+ 7 year limited warranty
+ 64oz BPA free jar
+ Two cookbooks
+ Sturdy stainless steel blades (great for crushing ice and other tough ingredients)
The blender doesn’t come with blend n go cups and a food processor attachment
It is a bit noisy (especially the high-speed settings)
It’s is difficult to store
Bulky base
No digital display

 Technical Information

  • Motor – 1400 watts
  • Program Settings– 3 presets
  • Controls– 8 variable speeds
  • Dimensions– 12.1 x 16.8 x 11.6 inches
  • Weight– 11 pounds
  • Capacity– 64oz
  • Colors– Black
  • Warranty– 7-year limited warranty

FAQ on Oster Versa 1400

Is Oster a good blender brand?

Yes, Oster is an excellent brand that offers some of the best units on the market. Their units are affordable, durable, and sturdy.

Does the Oster versa 1400 has a self-clean feature

The Oster versa doesn’t have a preset for self-clean. But cleaning it isn’t an issue, as it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean manually.
Keep in mind that cleaning the jar with a dishwasher regularly may make it less durable.

Why is my Oster versa not working?

There are a plethora of reasons why your unit may not be working. Before contacting the Oster customer care team, you should first inspect your blender to see if it is properly plugged into a power source. Also, check if the blade assembly is well arranged.

Can the Oster versa 1400 work with ice?

This unit has a powerful motor that can crush ice, nuts, seeds, and other tough ingredients with ease.

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