9 Best Ninja Blender Review 2022

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ninja? We know them as mysterious assassins who are masters of the shadows. But if there is one thing you can say about ninjas, they are efficient and unassuming.

Much like the Japanese covert agent, Ninja Blenders are known for their powerful motors that deliver efficient blending at modest prices. In this article, we will explore some of their best products in this comprehensive best Ninja blender review.

Best Ninja Blender

Our Top Pick


Ninja BL660 Professional

The perfect balance of power and versatility, this blender can process even ice and full vegetables. It features three programmed blending cycles and comes with a 72 oz pitcher and 16 oz portable cups with tight spout lid. Perfect for making green drinks and protein shakes.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Ninja Blender

Buying a kitchen appliance that gets used often, like the blender, requires a lot of thinking and research. There are thousands of blenders in the market that vary from motor power, container size, control panels, and price range. 

Ninja is one of the top brands in almost every blender category. However, as our best Ninja Blender review has revealed, each of their products also has its strengths and weaknesses. Before you shop, here are some important things to consider that will help in making the right decision. 

1. Blender Design

There are generally seven types of blenders that excel in different usage. However, the most common designs for home cooking are immersion blenders and countertop blenders. 

Immersion blenders are excellent for creating soups and other hot liquids like buttered coffee. Meanwhile, countertop blenders are very versatile and can even be used to create smoothies and other cold beverages. 

Other blender designs include:

2. Motor Output and Speed

If you want to do more with your blender, such as mixing dough and grinding coffee, get a powerful unit with high revolutions per minute. A blender with a 700-watt rating and about two horsepower is plenty powerful that it can even heat soup just by friction alone. 

However, powerful blenders can also greatly impact your power bill. If you want to save electricity, stay away from blenders that are rated 1,000 watts above. 

Consequently, you also should look for blenders with numerous speed settings if you want to cover complex tasks like making nut butter and grinding meat. Blenders with a 3 to 10-speed setting can do most meal preps, but make sure that it has a pulse button if you want an accurate blend. 

3. Container Size and Material 

Depending on the type of blender you choose, their container size can range anywhere between 3 and 14 cups. When converted, that would be equal to 24 to 112 ounces. Most countertop blenders usually have a capacity of 64 ounces, which is about 2 liters. 

If storage space is a concern for you, then try low-profile blenders, which are shorter than conventional blenders but a bit wider. Meanwhile, single-serve blenders are best if you want a more compact option. 

As for the container’s material, most brands usually have either plastic or glass jars. Plastic containers are lighter and more durable. Glass, on the other hand, does not discolor or absorb odor and can handle high temperatures better. 

Stainless steel is the third type of blender jar, but they are more common in commercial blenders than home counter blenders.      

4. Special Attachments

Aside from the main unit, most manufacturers often throw in some attachments to make it more convenient for the buyer. You can save a few extra bucks if you can find a Ninja blender that has a few extra accessories. Some of the attachments that might be included are:

Mixing or Chopping Bowls – which can make your blender function as a food processor. 

Coffee Grinder – perfect for grinding not only coffee beans but also spices

Personal Cups – can help you blend a personal-size drink for that grab and go option.

Best Ninja Blender Review Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickNinja BL770 Ninja BL660Motor Power: 1000 watts
Programmable Setting:
3 speed
72 oz BPA-Free plastic main pitcher, two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups
Read Full Review
Food Mixer PickNinja BL770 Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770Motor Power: 1500 watts
Programmable Setting:
4 speed
72 oz BPA-Free plastic main pitcher, 64 oz plastic processor bowl, 16 oz plastic cup
Read Full Review
Personal PickNinja BL480 Ninja BL480Motor Power: 1,000 watts
Programmable Setting: 2 speeds
Container: 24 oz BPA-Free Tritan plastic Nutri Ninja Cup, 18 oz small Nutri Ninja cup
Read Full Review
Smoothies PickNinja BL610 Ninja BL610Motor Power: 1000 Watt
Container: 72 oz BPA-Free plastic
Programmable Settings: 3 Speed
Read Full Review
Ninja Fit Personal Blender Ninja Fit Personal BlenderMotor Power: 700 watts 
Programmable Setting: 1 speed
Container: 16 oz plastic Nutri Ninja single serve cup
Read Full Review
Ninja Pro BL456 Ninja Pro BL456Motor Power: 900 watts 
Programmable Setting:
1 speed
24 oz BPA-Free plastic regular Nutri Ninja Cup, 18 oz small Nutri Ninja cup 
Read Full Review
Ninja BL688 Ninja BL688Motor Power: 1200 watts 
Programmable Setting:
4 speed
72 oz BPA-Free plastic
Read Full Review
Ninja Foodi HB 152 Ninja Foodi HB 152Motor Power: 1400 watts
Programmable Setting:
12 speeds
64 oz Non-stick glass 
Read Full Review
Nutri Ninja BL580 Nutri Ninja BL580Motor Power: 1100 watts
Programmable Setting:
2 speeds
24 oz BPA-Free Tritan plastic single serve cup
Read Full Review

1. Ninja BL660 Professional Blender – 1100 Watt (Top Pick)

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

When it comes to processing hard ingredients like full vegetables and ice, the Ninja BL660 is the blender for the job. It is equipped with an 1100 watt motor that can prepare smoothies and other cold beverages in a jiffy. It’s the best Ninja blender for any health buff who craves nutritious fruit drinks even on the go. 

The BL660’s Pro Extractor Blades Assembly can easily process whole veggies and fruits and turn them into nutrient juices with all the vitamins intact. It’s 72 oz pitcher is perfect for making beverages for the entire family or if you have guests at your home. 

Aside from the main unit, you will also get two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups that have to go lids perfect for creating personalized drinks you can carry anywhere. Like the main pitcher, these single-serve cups are also BPA free and are easy to clean. 

The blender also has a solid aluminum base with rubbery plastic mounting that helps keep it stable during high-speed blending. There are three speeds and a pulse button that help you control its operation. 

Overall, it’s a versatile blender with two types of containers at a reasonable price. It comes with a one year warranty that needs to be registered within ten days after purchase. 

+ Tight container lid prevents spills
+ Affordable price for a mid-range blender
+ Powerful motor combined with ice crushing technology
+ Comes with two single-serve cups
+ Very light and portable
A sharp blade may cause injury
Limited warranty period
Few prone to break parts

To learn more, visit our Ninja BL660 professional blender review now.

2. Ninja BL770 Food Processors (Food Mixer Pick)

Ninja BL770 Food Processors

You might have seen this product in one of the infomercials on TV. It’s the dream appliance that combines the functionality of a food processor, a juicer, and a blender. With the versatility of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770, it is definitely on our list of the best Ninja blenders. 

This blender comes with a monstrous 1,500-watt motor and a system control panel with six buttons– power, single-serve, pulse, blend, dough, and crush. Its main 72 oz pitcher can process hot or cold beverages for eight to 10 people. 

Aside from the main unit, this product comes with a 65 oz food processor bowl with chopping blade and dough hook attachments. You can make two pounds of dough in just half a minute with this jar. 

Additionally, it comes with two 16 oz single serve Nutri Ninja cups that are similar to what they have for their personal blender models. The cups have to-go lids, which completely seals the content allowing you to carry them anywhere.  

However, operating the Ninja Mega Kitchen System requires some familiarity with the machine. For starters, all of the parts must be assembled correctly, or the blender will not start. When you see a flashing power button, you have to rearrange the container, blade, and lid to ensure they align properly.

+ Inexpensive and versatile food processor
+ Consistent in turning ice cubes into snow
+ Multiple attachments handle various processing tasks
+ Comes with a recipe guide
+ A powerful motor allows kneading dough
Requires a decent amount of storage space
Lots of plastic parts
Containers can’t handle hot temperatures

Wanted to know more? Visit our Ninja Mega Kitchen System review now.

3. Ninja BL480 Auto IQ (Personal Pick)

Nutri Ninja BL480 Auto IQ

Just when you thought there are no shortcuts in making a healthy smoothie, the Nutri Ninja Blender comes along with its Auto IQ. Thanks to this automated blending feature, you won’t have to manually control the blend setting as the machine will take care of that. It’s the perfect blender for those who like no hassle and no fuss when prepping their healthy drinks. 

It comes with a strong 1,000-watt motor that allows its sharp blades to rotate at 21,000 pm. That’s powerful enough to even mix dips, batters, and even create ice cream. Once you’re done processing your food, you can turn the container into your own portable cup. 

The blender has two options on its control panel– blend and ultra blend. The blend button is for processing softer ingredients, while ultra bend is meant for hard, frozen, or fibrous ingredients. You also get two Tritan containers– an 18 oz and a 24 oz that comes in black or silver. 

Aside from making it more convenient, the Auto IQ feature also helps in the blending consistency as it automatically sets the pulses and pauses pattern. Except for the motor base, every component of the blender is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. 

+ Automatically blends the ingredients at optimal settings
+ Comes with two portable containers with a lid
+ Quieter than most blenders
+ Comes with a recipe book
+ Has an auto-shutoff feature
Not meant for blending hot liquids
The unstable base, especially at full capacity
Limited warranty of just one year

Learn more on Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Blender review.

4. Ninja BL610 Professional Blender – 1000 Watt (Best for Smoothies)

Ninja BL610 Professional Blender - 1000 Watt

The Ninja BL610 combines sleek design and excellent performance that earned it a spot on our best Ninja blender for smoothies. Its powerful 1000-watt motor can make short work of any food processing chores. However, it’s best used in preparing cold beverages thanks to its Total Crushing feature that can turn ice into snow in a matter of seconds. 

This blender also uses the patented triple-stacked blades that are sharp enough to cut even the toughest ingredients. The spinning speed of the blades can be manually controlled using the pulse button. Meanwhile, its control panel has three preset speed settings- low, medium, and high. 

It has a 72 oz BPA-free plastic pitcher that can easily make smoothies for up to nine people. The blender can also handle hot liquids thanks to a locking lid with a mess-free pour spout. 

The unit is also easy to clean because most of its parts are dishwasher safe. You can also remove the blades manually to ensure no chunk of ingredients is stuck to the blender’s bottom when cleaning.  

It also comes with a single-serve attachment. However, the unit only has a one-year warranty with a few stipulations that don’t cover all the machine’s essential parts. 

+ Powerful motor and Total Crushing technology combination
+ No heat or aeration on process food
+ Lightweight and ergonomic design
+ User-friendly control panel
+ Numerous safety features installed
Difficult to store because of its height
Plastic pitcher prone to discoloration
Short warranty period

For more details, visit our Ninja Professional Blender 1000-Watt review.

5. Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Ninja Fit Personal Blender

The personal blender category doesn’t need to be the most powerful or having the fastest blades. Sometimes just ticking the right boxes is enough to dominate the category.

The Ninja Fit Personal Blender has a respectable motor with just a 700-watt rating. However, it’s a relatively low noise level, even when grinding is always a great feature for any blender.  

The two 16 oz containers can accommodate just two glasses of drinks, but you can take them anywhere thanks to its tight seal lids.  Additionally, their measurement marks are quite noticeable, which easily tells the level of its contents.

It doesn’t have the most visually stunning design, but it’s sleek and easy to store. The blender also has Ninja’s latest pulse technology, where you just have to push down the unit to activate this feature. Meanwhile, you can still use the “pulse” method to prevent the motor from burning out from prolonged use.     

Despite its small size, the blender’s applications are numerous. Aside from creating shakes and smoothies, you can even use it to turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar. Overall, it’s a great multi-purpose blender that is great for health-conscious individuals who are always on the go. 

+ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
+ Decently powered motor
+ Durable components
+ Affordable price
+ Noticeable measurement marks
No automatic programs or buttons
Limited volume from its 16 oz containers
Unable to handle hot liquids

Read our latest Ninja Fit Blender review to know more about this personal blender.

6. Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Never judge a blender by its size alone. 

The Nutri Ninja Pro has a compact design that makes it portable and easy to store. Despite its small size, it comes with a 900-watt motor that can provide its sharp blades up to 21,000 rpm of raw slicing power. 

Its Pro Extractor blades are also able to crush ice and break down the toughest ingredients with ease. The blender’s 24 oz and 18 oz containers are quite durable and come with spout lids that allow them to be carried anywhere you go. 

Like most best Ninja blenders, this model can efficiently extract vitamins and other nutrients from any ingredient you process in it. Despite having only one manual blending speed, it does extremely well in making smoothies and protein shakes.

It’s easy to operate and prevents overheating since the cycle stops once you stop pushing down the blender. This model’s low price point makes it an excellent secondary blender or a gift to your health-conscious relatives or friends. 

However, there are also some things you need to be wary of when using this blender. When grinding or processing hard ingredients, it can be quite loud. You also need to screw the blade tightly, lest it will leak. 

+ Very straightforward operating system
+ BPA free plastic parts
+ Can produce silky-smooth blends
+ Easy sipping option
A bit noisy
Can potentially leak
Smaller capacity cups

Read our latest Ninja Fit Blender review to know more about this personal blender.

7. Ninja BL688 Auto IQ – 1200 Watt

 Ninja BL688 Auto IQ - 1200 Watt

When you need a powerful blender without breaking the bank, the Ninja BL688 is right up your alley. Its powerful motor packs a punch at 1200 watts and can process almost any ingredient with precision and ease. 

Equipped with Auto IQ technology, it removes much of the guesswork in terms of what speeds or setting you should use. This system automates detecting the contents of the jar and deciding the best blending, pulsing, and pausing patterns for the job. You can also use the three preset controls to manually blend the contents of its 72 oz jar.  

The blender is also equipped with Ninja’s Total Crushing technology that pulverizes ice into snow. Whether you want to create green drinks from full vegetables and fruits or create creamy frozen drinks, the blender does the job right. 

The stacking blade design allows finer or smoother results. However, this, too, makes it a bit harder to clean since you want to avoid getting cut by its sharp blades. Much like other Ninja products, its dishwasher is safe and BPA-free. It’s a bit tall at 17-inches, meaning it requires a bit more of your kitchen cabinet space.  

+ A powerful motor allows high-speed blending
+ A clear container allows you to see inside
+ Affordable price, much cheaper than its rivals
+ Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
+ Very convenient Auto IQ
Blend consistency is faulty at times
Hard to assemble and disassemble
Several plastic components

8. Ninja Foodi HB152

Ninja Foodi HB152

As one of Ninja’s latest creations, the Ninja Foodi blender makes an effort to impress everyone with its convenient features and catchy price point. Unlike most blenders on this list, the Foodi can handle both hot and cold recipes.  

The blender has a strong 1,400-watt motor that allows it to do any food processing tasks you throw at it and is comparable to well-known blenders like Blendtec. It can also heat soup thanks to its 800-watt built-in heating element. It comes with a 64 oz non-stick glass pitcher.  

On the control panel, you get 12 Auto IQ programs that automate much of the blending speeds and the pulse-stop pattern. At the center is a digital timer that lets you know how much time is left before the current blending cycle ends. There are also two manual mode buttons: Cook and Blend. 

The container also has a new lid design, which completely shuts the ingredients during the blending process. Aside from the main unit, you also get several attachments, such as a tamper and a cleaning brush. 

Thanks to its heating element, you can now make melted cheese and even chocolate dips. Unlike most Ninja pitchers, the Foodi is not dishwasher safe and can only be hand washed since it has an electrical connector at the bottom. 

+ A glass pitcher can handle hot liquids
+ Auto IQ programs optimize blend settings
+ Comes with necessary blender attachments
+ Powerful motor and heating element
+ Ergonomic container design
Heavier because of the glass pitcher
A bit loud when blending
Short one year warranty

9. Nutri Ninja BL580 Auto IQ

Nutri Ninja BL580 Auto IQ

They say that great things come in small packages, and the Ninja BL580 can attest to that. This small blender packs a punch thanks to its 1,100-watt motor that seems overpowered for a single-serve blender. 

This blender is equipped with the latest FreshVac technology that removes oxygen before blending, which preserves the food’s colors, flavors, and vitamins. Simply press the push button on the external vacuum pump and seal your vessel. 

As you may know, oxygen tends to diminish blended drinks because it promotes separation and creates foam. This often leads to some blended drinks to have a pale color and shorter lifespan. It is removing the oxygen before blending can keep the natural taste, nutrients, and freshness of any food for up to 8 hours. 

Ninja added two Auto IQ features to automate the blending, pulsing, and pausing patterns for your convenience. You can also manually control the blend speed using two settings (pulse and start/stop) at your disposal. The control panel also has a digital timer on the middle that tells you how much time is left before the current blend cycle finishes. 

Aside from the main unit, you will also get a 24 oz single serve FreshVac cup with a tight spout lid that allows you to take it anywhere you go.  

+ FreshVac reserves the quality of food
+ Convenient Auto IQ
+ Includes a recipe inspiration guide
+ Firm and stable base
+ Sleek modern design
Slightly pricier than other personal blenders
24 oz container has limited capacity
A bit noisy when blending

Why You Should Choose Ninja Blender?

Ninja Kitchen has a wide range of blenders that mostly covers every category in the market. Each one has its unique specifications, range features, and special attachments that make them versatile and efficient at the same time. 

Euro-Pro manufacturers are the producers of Ninja food processors and blenders. They are known for innovative technologies across a multitude of cooking tools for the modern kitchen. They also have released some groundbreaking features such as the patented dual-blade technology, which can be found in their Ninja Ultima series. 

Below are some of the reasons why Ninja Blenders are the top choice among other brands in the market:

Versatile Product Range

The Ninja brand has a wide variety of blender products that range from single-serve units to commercial models. Each blender is extremely versatile and can do more than just puree, crush, grind, slice, or chop ingredients. Most Ninja blenders have numerous settings designed for preparing various dishes.

Some models also have pre-program settings, which makes it easier to prepare some recipes. Meanwhile, some of their top range models have several speed settings, which gives the user more control on how finely the machine will blend anything you put in the container. 

Top-Notch Components

Ninja blenders are known for their powerful motor. Some models can even exceed 1,000 watts.  They are also paired with four or six stacked blades; they are great for grinding tough vegetables and fruits with ease. Thanks to the Total Crushing feature, you can easily turn cubed ice into powdery snow.

Most of their 20 or more blender products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Their plastic jar blenders are BPA-free and do not contain any toxic materials. Additionally, they are scratch proof and quite durable. 

Consistent Blending

One of the best things about Ninja blenders is you get consistent blending every time. Their machines can process any ingredient evenly from top to bottom of the jar. Hence, you won’t find any chunks of fruits or vegetables in your smoothies.

Their containers are also designed to create a vacuum that pushes down all of the ingredients so they can be blended equally. This feature is quite crucial, especially if you’re making recipes that rely on texture consistency, such as mashed potatoes.   

Additionally, Ninja also has several container sizes to choose from, such as 40 oz, 48 oz, and 72 oz. The jar also has a Go-To Lids, which completely seans the single-serve containers so you can take your blended beverage anywhere you go. 

Value for Money

Ninja is one of the go-to brands if you want an affordable alternative to Vitamix. Most Ninja blender units can top even those that cost more in terms of performance and versatility. Hence, they can make a good addition to any kitchen. 

Moreover, Ninja blenders usually have a short blending time thanks to their sharp blades and high powered motors. This feature can save you a few dollars in your power bill. It also reduces the amount of prep time you need to finish your recipe. Thus, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends while enjoying great food together.   

Overall, if you are looking for a great all-around blender that won’t break the bank, the Ninja brand is best for you. 

blender fruits in glasses

Tips of Using the Ninja Blender 

Much like other blenders in the market, Ninja products are also prone to wear and tear over time. Misusing the blender can also permanently damage the unit. As such, please follow these tips to ensure that you prolong the lifespan of your Ninja blender:

1. Don’t Abuse the Unit

Not all blenders are made to take on every blending task you can think of. For example, some underpowered blenders can’t crush ice. Unless the user manual says it’s okay to use them for complicated processing, don’t use the blender outside what it was designed to do.

2. Gradually Speed Up

Suppose you want to use the high-speed blending, start with a lower setting first before cranking it to high gear. For example, starting with speed two and letting it blend a few seconds before hitting speed four is the right way. 

3. Carefully Handle Hot Liquids

Spilling hot liquids can be quite dangerous both for the blender and the person using it. Hence, don’t make the mistake of opening the lid before the program you chose is over. Use a feeder cup if you want to let some of the steam out of the jar. Wait for the blender to stop before taking the lid out. 

FAQ on Ninja Blender

What Is Ninja Auto IQ And How Does it work?

Auto IQ is a set of blending programs that automates much of the blending and pulsing patterns to give you the best result. These programs are configured within Ninja blenders with the Auto IQ feature and will continuously mix based on set patterns until the timer runs out. 

What is the most powerful Ninja blender?

The Ninja CT810 Chef Blender is considered the most powerful blender from this brand. It has a 1500-watt motor with 10 Auto IQ programs for effortless food processing. Its sharp blades can rotate up to 18,000 rpm at its highest settings. 

Does the Ninja have a juicer attachment?

Most Ninja blenders don’t have a juicer attachment, with the exception of the Ninja BL770 Food Processor. However, it’s not as straightforward as any juicer. Meanwhile, you can still make quality juice with their Dou with Micro-Juice technology with a specialized filter basket. 

Where are Ninja blenders made?

Euro-Pro is the manufacturer of Ninja blenders, which are assembled in China but are designed in the USA. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have inferior quality than most blenders in the market. Some Ninja models are even the best in their respective categories and could beat its pricier rivals. 


Ninja blenders have a wide range of products that covers everything from personal to commercial use. They are an affordable alternative to Nutribullet, Vitamix, and Blendtec, albeit having one or two lesser features. Overall, if you are looking for powerful blenders that won’t hurt your pockets, it’s the first brand you should consider. 

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